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I am 73, married, have three children and eight grandchildren, and I am fond of wombats, hence the name grampawombat. I use the same name on Beliefnet (B'net) and The Center for Progressive Christianity (TCPC) should you happen to visit those websites.

I frequently refer to myself as a heterodox Protestant. I have read Borg, Spong, and other similar writers on religious topics. I have also been influenced by the process philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead and exponents of liberation theology, in particular Robert McAfee Brown. I am an active member of a Prebyterian congregation (it is also a More Light congregation--that is very important to me), and have been an active layperson most of my adult life. For those not familiar with More Light churches, they support full participation in church life for all--including LGBT members.

For me, the importance of Jesus is in the lives of those who acted out their beliefs in him through their pusuit of peace and of social and economic justice. I include in that group many of the Franciscans and Poor Clares, most Quakers, Levellers, Chartists, most Christian Socialists, those influenced by the Social Gospel movement, Liberation theologians, and such folks as Dorothy Day and Martin Luther KIng, Jr.

So far, God appears to be pretty much "below the radar."  In a statement I wrote a while ago, I described God as "coming into being; a present hope and a future reality." In that sense, the existince of God may be a matter of timing--insofar as people are theists (I do call myself one) we may just be a million years or so early. But of course that is a purely speculative notion.

I have come here because I find that even those who call themselves progressive Christians on B'net and TCPC aren't quite as far from normative Christianity as I seem to be. I look forward to hearing from others here.

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Have you ever been to a Unitarian Universalist congregation? I went to a UU service for the first time this morning, and they seemed to focus on the same things you do.

Books are collections of humans' opinions. The best I can do is gather facts and form my own.<br />
<br />
I believe in the constants of physics. I believe in carbon dating. I believe Hawking Radiation is an astounding clue to our origins, physically. I believe in the God of the Bible.