Hate Is Against My Religion

I know a lot of so-called Christians throughout existence have given the religion a more-than bad name. Murder, wars, inquisitions, torture, forced marriages, rape, etc. There have been a lot of crimes committed in the name of "God". Even the Bible is full of shocking tales of war and infanticide and other atrocities. I won't deny that. It was another time. A barbaric time when people died as easily as they were born, and kings did anything to prove their power over the people. In the old testament especially, there are numerous passages describing violence and strife and how God wanted someone or other to be "smote".
A lot of the hate-promoting rules are in the old testament as well, like the ones a lot of Christians use to justify hating gays, other races, other cultures, and other religions. But what people forget (or just don't pay attention to) is that within those same books of the bible, there are also "abominations" like wearing two fabrics at the same time, eating shellfish and pork, and cutting one's hair. If you are going to adhere to a belief in one, you surely would be obliged to adhere to believing in them all. Otherwise, you would be a hypocrite.
I think of the old testament as a sort of historical record book. It tells of how violent and terrible things were, and how far the strict rules had gone and all of the strife that caused. When Jesus arrived in the new testament, his teachings changed all of that.
Jesus was about love, acceptance, charity, and humble hard work. Jesus kept company with lepers, prostitutes, thieves, and other outcasts of society. He didn't teach to "love thy neighbor *if* they are like you". He taught to love thy neighbor. Simple. He teaches it and shows examples of it several times in the bible. It baffles me how so many so-called Christians can practice and promote judgment and hate.
I am a Christian and hate is against my religion.
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I used to be like this. Because of how badly I was treated I decided to say "screw it". I hate to say it but no one wants a good person so it is better not to be.

Well written. I can see how you need to hold back the majority of your energy on these topics for dealing with the shrapnel afterwards. Have you ever read "The Secret Message of Jesus" by Brian McLaren? I read it once before and was struck by the revelations in it. I just decided to bring it to Germany with me to read it again, and have really had my mind blown by it. It is a church pastor's conclusion about the true message of Jesus (the one that has not been straight-jacketed by the church or any other institution) - and of why it took him so long to home in on it. If you have not read it, I suspect that you would find it a highly rewarding read. One of his points was that in effect none of us can understand Christ's message unless we come to it with ALL preconceived ideas ******** away... like children.

Many Christians, and not all by any means are consumed with hate and love to cherry pick the Bible. As you have correctly mentioned they selectivly ignor the bits that dont suit them. God knows who they are and will deal with them in time.

Amen Sister! I agree with you a great deal. I too am a Christian. I'm also Bi-sexual, a fact that I only recently discovered about myself. I love a beautiful and loving woman, but she was my best friend for 7 years before I ever made love with her. This same woman is also the person who witnessed to me and lead me to Christ. Now I'm not writing this to debate whether or not Homosexuality is a sin, neither am I here to judge others. Anyone can be righteous inside a Church building, but the Bible says; "We are all sinners." The truth for all of us will be revealed on Judgment Day. Jesus is not a religion, but He is my Lord and Savior who saved a wretch like Me. He is a friend to all sinners.

This is refreshing. I'm not a Christian but I believe this is what Christianity should look like. Can't even convey how good it is to read something like is.

I love your spill on Christianity. I'm with you! God gets a bad rap unjustly. God is love. The world is against us who know and love him, so we expect that baloney. God bless you for not being discouraged in the fight for God.