"god Gave Me You"

I had a dream last night. God made certain parts very clear. That I am supposed to be a caring supporter of special needs people. I recently met my boyfriend whom has Aspergers. I'm very happy. I understand the disorder, and know how to communicate with him properly. I feel like God showed me this person for a reason. I've learned so much about myself from him. :) I am so glad this has happened. I had begun to feel forsaken. But this has showed me that God wants me to care for special needs children. His most beautiful children of all. Thank you Father.
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That is so beautiful! My boyfriend (who I refer to as my Teddy Bear) has Asperger's too. He really is like a teddy bear, very innocent and cuddly.

praying for your boyfriend i have aspergers

I have recently found out that I have bipolar disorder.<br />
I have a similar story to yours (not on EP though) but with some plot twists apparently, if I'm the one that now has the problems : P<br />
keep going. Love God most and don't give up on either of them.<br />
You will be in my prayers.<br />
<br />
God's love

that is an amazing story!!!!!

You are worth all my stories. You are a very kind and loving person. You should never forget that God and I love you very much and we keep you close to our hearts. I love you Justin and you deserve the best of all things.

thanks, u are an amazing person, u deserve the best too, i love u patience!!!!

i love you too ^.^