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Shelter Me

From the pain that my body feels, Shelter Me.
From the sorrow that my heart must endure, Shelter Me.
From people who would do me harm, Shelter Me Oh, Lord!
From the grip of depression, Shelter Me.
From thoughts unclean, Shelter Me.
From all of lifes torments and pitfalls that we humans go through,
Shelter Me, My Lord!
LadyLouisiana LadyLouisiana 56-60, F 1 Response Nov 23, 2012

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Instead of "Shelter Me" shouldn't it be something like, "May I Be Faithful Through It" or "Provide Your Strength Through It"? Is that what you mean by "Shelter Me"? This world is not our home, and trials are part of our experience here in this life (James 1). If you have a moment, I have a personal story on my profile page called "God's Protective Hands".

that is more like what I meant.....I will get to it as soon as I can.....thanks