Painted Colors In 20 Years

Some people say that life is a game. Others may say that it’s a journey to make with a long winding road to take or that life is a race for a messy pot of gold. As for me, life is colorful especially when you are with God.

Blue. Blue is the color for calmness and tranquility.

My life had been well, everything was good in all aspects. I have a very supportive family, I had lot of friends. Every credit for what I have experienced solely goes to me. Yes, I have a God but still I’m in control. Indeed it’s hard to humble yourself down when you know to yourself that you have experienced being on top.

Orange. Orange is the color for the sunrise, the start of a day.

I could always remember my first time, every beginning for me is memorable, every new person I meet,will always be treasured. I could also remember the scene, like how things happened. what you wore, your first five words, sometimes even exact arrangements of furnitures or other stuff..

Green. Green is the color of nature, a symbol of hope in a germinating plant.

I have a hope, hope over the things I’ve done in the past. I felt remorseful for having pride, envy, impatience, self-centeredness, unforgiveness, prejudice, stereotype, and laziness reside in my heart. With this new found hope that I have I know I will be able to change myself at all times. I know that someday I will be discerning, patient, loving, hardworking, altruistic,forgiving, responsible and growing in faith.

Red. Red is the color of passion, of love, and of desire.

In this time of my life, I have found the real love that overcame everything. The love of God that is true. Before I met Him, my desire is to always be the best, the best among others and not be the best of myself. I even tried to use others as a means to fulfill my desires, I became selfish instead of becoming selfless. I took things for granted. From time to time, I search endlessly for something which may or may not be existing because I know in my heart something was lacking. I didn’t treat others the way they’re supposed to be treated. After everything that has happened, my life changed. I began to have the love to pray and be thankful every time, I have had the love to read the bible my classmate Mary Joyce gave me as a present for Christmas way back in high school, and lastly I have had the love to love others more than myself.

Yellow. Yellow is the color of gladness, happiness and joy.
I am where I am supposed to be and I am happy. Things may be good or not-so-good, rest assured God will always give me joy amidst everything. He will give me gladness that I may be able to use what I have for His glory, and He will make me cheerful always so that I could give back to others the happiness He gave.

God is good all the time. He will not let evil ****** us away from His hand once we belonged to Him. He holds our hands always and I’m sure that as I was writing this short story of my life, His hand was holding mine. ♥
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