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Am a nigerian by birth,i was borned to a very sick father and my mum was the only bread winner of the family,in 1997 my father died and my mum became sick of arthritis,she used to feed the family by going to stream to carry sand for those who remove it from the stream but due to so much pains she couldnt even walk not to talk of going to carry sand.At this point life became so hard for seven of us i was about starting my secondary education so in other to pay my school fee i have to go and search for firwood wake up as erly as 4:am and walk about four miles with firewood on my head to sell and pay my school fee and give my mum the remaining for feeding, my brothers and i deed this everyday in other to survive,my sister was living with my aunt,we all struggle but lack of education and money, my brother who didnt even go to secondary school do not have any good job,i have gotten a little job for the past four years i used to train my senior sister and my youger brother and give my mum some for feeding now my brother and sister haved graduated from college of education but waiting for their results,now the sad news is that i just discovered that i have breast cancer,i cant go out for work i have been indoor from the beginning of this week,i dont know how tell my family if my mum hear she my die of shock,am trying to see how i can start treatment without my family members knowing.i have register with guarapad company but waiting for money to start three months therapy which will cost me eighty seven thousnd naira nigerian money, pray for me so that God will open ways for me.thank you for reading my life story
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God Bless , Your Family