Atheists do not believe in God, so what does it mean if I don't love other gods, but I love the God that sent Jesus to die on the cross for us. Tell me your views. Good night. I am going to bed. Talk to later. Be safe. I am happy. Be happy. I have to admit that Christians do act like Atheists sometimes because God's people disobey, fall away from him, sometimes bash their faith and it is true. We all hate, so we allow Satan in. It is bad. Pray about it. Talk to you later. See Yahoo. Go.
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I like that

What would you like to talk about on here?


Have you read my stories? The repeated stories on my bullies page she liked work because people told the bully to stop, the bully apologized band wants to be friend, now.

No.i'l read it now

I am going back to sleep.

Well,if the bully apologised,i think you should forgive nd forget or what do you think?Ok.sweet dreams

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