I Am So Sorry...


As the founder of this group, that is what I am talking about.  That is what this group is about.

Chrisitans as a whole have done atrocious things. We have caused bitterness and hate where we should have been nurturing love. We are pushing people away. We are a stumbling block; a hinderance to the the Love of God.


This is a cry to change the face of Christianity. To create a loving and positive image of the People of Christ. If we don't act now, people will continue to be driven away. People will continue to refuse to listen to us. People will continue to walk away from the one thing that can make thier life spectacular.

Who hears my cry? Who will take up this challenge?

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5 Responses Mar 13, 2009

As Christians it is our commitment to Christ to love and pray for our enemies. Even when those enemies call themselves Christians. Even if we didn't commit the sin personally it is to the benefit of the greater good to ask forgiveness, even on the behalf of others. We are called to bring good to others no matter what the cause. I have never personally bashed gay people, but I have attended gay rights protests with signs asking for forgiveness for what other Christians have done. The gay protestors hugged us with tears in their eyes and thanked us for helping them heal.

not sure what your point is... you are apologising to nobody in particular, on behalf of people you dont control, for things you havent personally done?? do you think anybody on the planet would feel thats an apology worth receiving? how do you think what you are doing is "christian"? if you personally sinned against somebody go apologise to that person. you are seriously misguided.

these are not the last days. Neither are they the beginning of the last days, the last of the beginning days or any other combination of "last" and "days." These are days just like any other, and no, the world is not coming to any end any time soon. <br />
The reason I say all this is because some deeply troubled individuals, hearing people say it's the end of time and the last days, are inclined to think "What the hell... the world is ending anyway, I guess I can do whatever I want." So it is very irresponsible to talk about last days and that sort of thing. It's fine. of course. to feel that these are the last days, but it is irresponsible to say it in a public way.

Dear Friend, the bible tells us in the book of corinthians marvel not for satan is also appeared as an angel of light decieving many.<br />
Remember, these are the last days and many shall give heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils such as homosexualism , etc.<br />
Dear Friend just brighten the corner where you are, let your light so shine that men shall see your good woprks and glorify your father in heaven.<br />
Lets keep praying more for the body of christ and more importantly lets practice true christainity with our lives first, then others would see and emulate us.

Thats some bizarre fantasy land youve got there

God does not change the image of man.<br />
It is man who changes the image of God.<br />
<br />
What am I apologizing for?