Shame On Us.

I want to apologize for the rude, selfish, old fashioned and absolutely non tolerant attitude most of the people who call themselves Christians show to the world today. They lie. They argue about silly traditions. They are most unfriendly to people who are not Christian. When two people live together and have sex before marriage, they will most likely be kicked out of church. Females are not supposed to preach. Old people cling on to their traditions and push away the new generation, just because they can't accept the fact that they live in 2009 instead of 1909. Lately, a silly flyer saying that one is absolutely not to believe in Darwin's evolution theory, denying the existence of dinosaurs and telling people that earth is only 6000 years old, was spread all over the Netherlands. As a young believer I was almost ashamed towards my friends, wearing my faith, hope and love necklace to school.

The truth about Christians, or at least the ones I got to know in churches I visited with my parents(they have given up and have stopped visiting any church), is... they are hypocrites. They tell people what to do or not do, but in the mean time nasty things can be found in their lives as well; things like lying, cheating, blackmail, p orn addiction and so on. I know a lot of non believers who are actually way better people than any Christian I have known. When my dad started his own company(he gets people married who want to have a religious wedding, but have been kicked out of church because they had children before they got married, or because they have been married before, or because one of them is a non believer) and the leaders of our church disliked his business, they actually DEMANDED he would give it up. When he refused they kicked him out of church. Almost every Dutch Christian knows his name now, and as far as I can see most of them hate what he does.

My problem is that when you say the word Christian in front of a non believer, the image that will most likely come to his mind is that of a dogmatic, traditional Christian who fits into the description above. But I most definitely do not fit into that description, and therefore I am sad and angry about what is happening in our world, and about all the damage that has been done by Christians in history. Christians, all of them, should be ashamed of themselves. We are not supposed to shut people out, hurt them, damage them, push them away, discriminate against them because they are gay, on drugs or whatever else you can think of that could possibly be 'wrong' with a person. We should be peaceful people. We should be known for that, and not for all the shameful things I wrote about. We should be showing our great lifestyle to everyone in this world, no matter whether they believe in the same God or not. It's not the details of what we believe in that should be the most important. It should be our loving and peaceful way of living our lives. If people do not believe the same, just leave them be. Respect them.

And most of all, we should not be swinging our bibles around under the nose of a non believer, take our religion or whatever it has become because of us and shove it down his throat. That is shameful. And for all the stupid people who have tried to do that before, I apologize. I apologize to humanity for the pain, the sadness and the duality they have caused. All those stupid people; you should take a look in the mirror, open your eyes and have the guts to look at the consequences of what you have done. Thanks to you, I am ashamed today of who I am and what I believe in, and so are many others with me.

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Obviously, you bear the fruits of the Spirit. :)

Thank you for this. It's good to see good Christians still exist. I almost lost hope

wow totally agree. alot of these 'christians' are very nasty towards people that don't live their 'lifestyle'...

i mean this is america damn it! LAND OF THE FREE!

this sounds more like acondemnation than an apology. you are not apologizing for any thing you have done. you are condemning others. where is your love?

I agree there are many misconceptions about what a Christian really is due to those who call themselves Christians and are really not it is sad...which leaves it up to us the true Christians to demonstrate to them and nonbelievers what true Christianity is by living it in our everyday lives

Christainity is more than religion ,going to church or religious obsevance, it means to be Christlike and to be christlike means having the virtues and traits of Jesus Christ such as humility, love, gentleness, meekness, patience, temperance,longsuffering etc<br />
One is said to be a Christain or More appropriate Born again when he or she has confessed and forsaken all sinful indulgence which the Bible disapproves and accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Personal Saviour. It is when this is done sincerely that the transformation of life takes place.<br />
The sacrifice of Jesus is able to transfer a sinner to a saint as in the case of Saul the Persecutor who later became Apostle Paul.<br />
Lets critically asess our claims of Christainity to be sure that its the bible approved way sothat on that day we wouldn't be such that Lord Jesus said he would tell depart from me you worker of iniquity i never knew you even though we carried the tag Christainity.

I see this was posted quite some time ago, but i could not help but reply to your response. Christianity is not a religion at all, but of course, the way you described it, it falls into that category.

Christianity is a relationship with Jesus Christ Who, once you have confessed you are a sinner and need His help, will transform you. The Holy Spirit will convict....NOT the Church...and the Christ within will transform you as you surrender more and more into His Hands.

The problem with some Evangelical churches or Reformed Dutch or Congregational..or whatever brand that they expect the sinner to stop sinning. John tells us if we say we have no sin, we lie. We will always be sinning, whether it is the quick thought that went through your mind when you saw that fat man waddle down the street to the gay person struggling to overcome his/her preference for the same sex, to the druggie or alcoholic or the overeater in pews # 1-300; we all sin ALL THE TIME! No one is a saint here on earth. That is a lie also. The only saints are the saved sinners Jesus saved. Saints still sin.

I am a bisexual man who has struggled with my desires for years. I do not any longer feel condemned by God, my Father for this. After all, I tried to suppress it, I prayed for Him to change me. He hasn't. So i'm going to relax and let God be God in my life. I will NOT let the Church tell me I'm going to hell. They do not have the right to make those judgements. Jesus does. HE IS THE JUDGE AND THE BIBLE SAYS HE JUDGES WITH JUSTICE AND MERCY.

So, stop all the crap. Become humble dear Church. Get on your knees and look up at those who need Jesus. Don't view them from your lofty sinless perch. It just may be you he tells: Get away from me, I never knew you.

god made you the way you are. no need to feel like you need to supress it, but hey it\'s cool that you still have the faith in god.

As a recovering Catholic, I applaud your strength, intelligence and courage! <br />
<br />
Thank you for writing this.

I agree with this 100%. I find myself disheartened at the path that many people who call themselves Christians have taken in life. It seems that "Christians" care more about divisive and immature things. They place too much emphasis on the minute details of specific types of sin, even though all types of sin are equal in God's eyes-which would therefore make it hypocritical to tell someone or a group of people to stop doing this or that sin , when they themselves are sinners....we all are... Jesus has already pointed this out on multiple occasions- Matthew 7:3 "Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?" John 8:7 "He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her." Many Christians fail to realize that being judgmental stems from ego and self-pride which is a terrible sin in God's eyes. It was the same arrogance that had befallen the pharisees, which blinded them from the truth and the holy spirit. You know I was listening to some of the Christian radio shows like Focus on the Family and I just cringe whenever I hear some of the topics being discussed such as homosexuality, infidelity, watching ****, abortion (not that I agree with these things, but what about all the other lives that die every year due to hunger and disease, by us not doing anything we stand just as guilty- like the story of the Good Samaritan". But anyways, I think to myself, why do they always fail to discuss the most important topics such as peace building, feeding the hungry, helping the homeless, and showing love and kindness even to those whose values may be drastically different. We must show love and kindness to each-other. Love and kindness and not judging others, will bring more people to Christ. Like I said we can't judge others- since we're just as sinful. We're in this together, we should come together to help each other find the way. As long as you follow the two most important commandments: Luke 10:27 " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'", the holy spirit will guide you in your walk with Jesus.

I have much pain because of people who call themselfs Christian,,,I want to know why I am not welcome with people who say they belong to God,,,The world calls me crazy,,,church people make me feel even worse than that,,,because my whole trip is on God,Goddess,,,because you do know that there is a Mother as well as the Father,,,and what is your stand about basfyme of the Holy Ghost,,,and hey what is your belief about REv,11,,,who are they,,,and why do you give so much reverance to Gods Son,,,see I believe in the whole story not just pieces,,,of course I am crazy,,,but I just really wonder about people who think they know whats up,,,when for real you only have 2/3 of the story,,,You say you believe in the word but when issues come up about what is the truth in what man has wrote in that book,,,well I can tell you pay day is coming soon,,,,God told you not to add nor take away from the book,,,and did man listen????? NO,,,,come on get real,,,,,stop pretending to know something that you have no idea what is up,,,God,Goddeses wrath shall be reveiled,,,and many Christians will be here for the tribulation,,,,not my fault,,,,Start loving everything for real,,,or reap what you have sown,,,,love and light make everything right,,,Mary

Check out the book "UnChristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks About Christianity... And Why It Matters." It is a book by David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons that not only shows what people think about Christianity today, but how we can positively change people's perspectives. I actually read it as in an Evangelism class, if you can believe that [awesome]! It really helps to give some perspective on how Christians can effectively communicate to today's postmodern culture!