Nightmarish Dream

I keep having this recurring nightmare, where it feels as if someone or something is holding me down, it always feels as if they are above me or over my head, I feel as if im sleeping, but in a dream/awake state, and that I feel the thing that holding me down is negative, or evil, but no harm is ever done to me, I cant seem to pin point why I keep having this dream, I dont feel stressed or have a high level of anxiety, yet this dream steadily reaccurs often.

Any ideas or thoughts?

Jaygodzson Jaygodzson
1 Response Mar 5, 2009

I can remember the technical term for it, but when we sleep our brain basically paralyses our body so we dont act out what we're dreaming and hurt ourselves. What you are describing sounds like the opposite of sleep walking, where the paralysis is switched off but the brain is still asleep. In your case the mind wakes up before the body regains consciousness. That's where the feeling of being held down comes from. As far as I'm aware it's not harmful and passes but it can be really frightening, it is often accompanied by a feeling of someone else being in the room and is thought to be the real reason behind many claims of alien abduction and the like.<br />
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I dont think it's anything to really worry about but speak to your doctor if you're concerned at all.