I Am A Christian

It makes laugh to view posts that rag on Christians. We are just the biggest trouble makers in modern times. People take jabs at us with Biblical quotes.

Pointed out is historical atrocities that modern Christians have nothing to do with.

We are at war with countries that are anti christian. Do the anti christians think these countries would be tolerant of their religions?

I don't care what u think, because u are no better than I. The difference is I am not going to nit pick on ur religion.

Believe what u want.

Believe what u will.

Do on to others... (oops)

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1 Response Feb 10, 2010

I only rag on the religious people (im saying it vaguely because it goes for all religions) who feel that there way is right and everyone else is stupid for not thinking the same thing and if you dont beleive in what they believe then you are an evil person who eats babies (this was an actual real example lol)<br />
I went to a christian/catholic school, all my friends were religious, even though i have yet to pick one though i dont deny there being a "God" just dont know which one and dont think i will ever know. So i dont haave a problem with religion.<br />
I think its the extremists that scare me lol.