Buddhist Christian Bullied

hi my name is hajues. i'm age 15. since my brother's atheist people are always asking me what my religion is. i always tell them i'm a mix of buddhist and christian. they say it's a contradiction and cannot be done and therefore i am made fun of for it. i recently starting telling them to mind there own business but they keep pushing further until i ahve to tell them. the only person that actually understands me is my 1 friend named mitch. he accepts the right to worship as we please. i don't care what religion someone is in order to be my friend. in 5 grade i was friends with a satanist named haven. being a buddhist christian means you follow the teachings of the Buddha and jesus but you still accpt the fact that there's a god.
hajues hajues
2 Responses Nov 4, 2012

Buddhism was never meant to be a religion, the Buddha said that he was just a man and should not be worshipped. A religion is the worship of a god, gods, or a deity/deities. Buddhism is simply a philosophy, and is in no way against or contradictory to Buddhism. Although when people asked Buddha about god, he refused to comment on his opinion of if he existed. He simply told people to take responsibility for there own life, to be good because they should not in fear of hell. That praying to god was like throwing a rock in the water and asking it not to sink. Once god gave free will, he really lost the power to cause any kind of change in a persons life except through his word.

You're absolutely right. Your religion is nobody's business but your own. Why would someone ask you about it, just to seemingly criticize you about it? You keep believing what you believe and stay a good person.