So there's this one black veil bride shirt. It was of an angel overtaking other angels. And at first I liked it then I was like oh.. Ten I remembered. A bible verse paraphrased said something like ,"dont judge a man by his outward apprehended but by his heart" so that tells me it's ok. My heart should be where it needs to. But I'm saying this bc Bvb's Andy black is atheist. There's nothin wrong with that I respect everyone belief so. It's alright.
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But we also need to set a good example for people who aren't believers. When they see you wearing something against your religion, they're gonna question your faith. Even though God says that we should worry about what's on the inside...not everyone does that. So be careful with how you present yourself. Our bodies are the temple of Christ, so treating our bodies with respect and love is most important.