Spiritual Warfare Of Those Who Find Truth.

In my life many things I have learned from visiting many churches and meeting people of diverse personalities. The more I acquired the knowledge
and actual truths and not brainwashed fear and disarray. I now believe we as people not try to dressing up the slowly rotting flesh of ourselves like we can look holy. It is our hearts that is judged by the maker not that we are to insult Him with our ignorance. He sees only rotting flesh if He was to look at us phsically. We deserve death and are full of evil desires. We battle that daily with our soul and spirit. We must not follow traditional lies and be ourselves in our dressing attire. Be unique as God has made us each differently with different purpose but Love as our guide. Love in us is God in us. Evil I've seen many times dress in fine clothes fooling people who really need to accept how dark their flesh is. I feel that is why I feel as myself in goth gear. To dress up makes me sick and had to do many times to feel accepted in a church. What a bunch of crap oh wonder noone feels good enough for God. May the truth find its way into all my brothers and sisters in the world and stop judging each other. No matter how hard the evil principalities try to stop my movement to begin a goth church to recieve those not accepted in other churches to share real truths. The spiritual warfare gets tougher as I progress in this. But the calling and power I have through Jesus Christ is devastating to darkness and demons. They battled me more in my youth when I felt fear as taught in many churches. Now it is much easier as my faith builds in meditation and prayer. I can't wait til I have the financing to get this a rollin. I visioned a strong powerful church where many miracles will be fluent and astounding.
GothDivinity GothDivinity
31-35, M
1 Response Nov 14, 2010

I hope God blesses your church, and that you find much fruit!