Diversity And Falsehoods

I grew up a mormon and wearing my tripp pants, spikes, chains, my hair black and blood red, that didnt really go well with them. I wasnt treated like a brother or even a child of God, I was treated like a freaking insect. For awhile it caused me to leave God and Yeshua all together. I jumped into the whole wicca thing but instead of liking it I was repulsed. I couldnt find anything that felt right. Then one day my dad, who had left the mormon church by this time, took me to this church where I found a youth pastor who not only shocked me with how he talked but approached me wearing dreds, a baggy pair of south pole jeans and a shirt a bit to big for him. He introduced me to a large group of goth kids inside the congrigation and im acrually currently persuing a career as a high school youth padtor because of him.
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