Nudity And Faith

I find that faith and nudity are two separate subjects.  Was not Adam and Eve created nude?  Another question for you:  What was the first thing God gave to Adam?  Answer: a naked woman to be his partner.   

I love to be nude/naked.  I am not an exhibitionist, meaning that I don't parade around naked, but when I am alone and there is little chance of being seen, I drop the clothes.  No, I do not have a fatless and muscular body nor am I hung like a horse, so it's not about showing off my physique.   I just like the air and sun on my skin.

I own a small farm.  Occasionally I will walk or jog around my farm in the nude.  There is little chance of being seen as there are bushes and trees on each border of my farm - not to metion hills and being about four miles out of town.  There is very little traffic and I can usually hear the cars and truck well before they ever get to anyting close to being in sight. 

Well, that's about it from here - time to head into the barn and do some work - in the nude if I can (except for steel toed boots in case I drop a shovel or  something on my toes).
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Kool when I lived up In WV I usually went out and hoed corn in the nude,
sometimes all day. Also when cultivating with the tractor I'd go naked.
I was never "caught", maybe because family and friends knew if they
came up on me suddenly they'd probably find me in the buff. Anyhow
working on the farm/garden is a great place to be nude because you're
already out in nature, and naked just seems like the way to be!
Now that I live in FL I run around nude in my yard, at nude resorts
and at Haulover Beach, which is clothing optional. I love keeping a
"perfect tan" and the freedom of sunning my buns & peepee.

ScotsIrish - I am happy for you. I think the television and movies do some harm by either showing nudity on people with great bodies, or in one of those sitcoms where nudity or partial nudity is always joined with sexual innuendos - or finally... in ****. Each example does a disservice to our self image and self esteem.

...and for all other Christians out there - recall Isaiah 20:2-3 where God tells Isaiah to "loose the sackcloth from off thy loins... And he did so, walking naked and barefoot".

...but again, there's a time and place for freedom in the skin.

For some people, it's hard to distinguish whether being naked is a sin. Nice job explaining the differnece. :D

My mom is not a nudist though in time she has seen its not sexual nauty or any thing like that and has become more open to me nude. That does not mean she is nude. She has become more exceptable to me nude. The only time she has been nude to me was a few slips in the shower in witch I have put in a handle to keep her from slipping and falling.

That's like my Ma. I've been her lil' naked kid since I
could walk outside nude as a tot, and if she's here
visiting and I'm out in back naked I always holler:
"If you come out here, Ma, you might see something
you ain't seen in awhile!" (My peepee, which far as
I know she hasn't seen since I was in diapers).

Out of curiosity Greg, why do you feel that it's inappropriate to be seen? I'm not suggesting the trench coat on the subway routine, but how about a mixed group of like minded Christians enjoying a clothing optional beach?

The "mixed group" thing is the goocher when it comes
to Christians nude together, especially with younger
people. Truth is if a boy sees a girl naked or vice versa
it just can't help but promote sexual lust, and that's
something that often leads to sin. Men with men nude
or women with women is better in that situation.

jrbell16, this is the second time I have read a post of your's on nudity and I am pleased to say that I have enjoyed them both. Well thought out and well stated!<br />
<br />
jefferyfrustrated, to your comment if someone sees you nude and is shocked or aroused it's your fault, I can totally agree with that from an exhibitionist standpoint, but what about at a place where social nudity is accepted? Like a nude beach? Is it my fault if someone sees me in that setting is aroused? To me the wrong is in their mindset and their heart, not in my actions. I cannot control what they are thinking, but if I am in a place where nudity is socially and culturally acceptable, how am I in the wrong. A person that forces nudity on others without their consent, i.e. a flasher, is doing that for their own sexual gratification and their intentions are obvious. However, there is nothing wrong with the human body itself, the sin is in the heart of people, their mindset and intentions, not in God's creation but in the way that man perverts it.

To jrbell16: Thank you for your comments. By my comment of faith and nudity, I only intended to say that nudity is just nudity, nothing more nothing less. Faith and Grace provide the path to heaven. I don't mean to take God out of nudity nor equate nudity to God. <br />
<br />
To jefferyfrustrated: Thank you your your comments. I have not thought about not wanting to see my neighbor nude nor wanting to see them nude. For me, nude or not is the same thing as wearing long jeans or shorts. <br />
<br />
I think we are basically on the same page. What I dislike is for people to judge me that if I am laying in my backyard or my back pasture, and someone comes by, there is a good chance that they will mentally label me a pervert.

I have a slight disagreement with your opening premises. “Faith and Nudity are two separate subjects.” I don’t think the two are separate nor should they be separate. Nudity is mentioned sixty some times in the bible. And never once did GOD say it was bad. I mean how could HE? He had already declared Adam and Eve’s nudity as good in Genesis. Even after they sinned, which by the way was disobedience for eating the forbidden fruit, not being naked? God never commanded them to put clothes on and cover their bodies. Yet God did fashion clothes out of the animal that had to be sacrificed to cover their sin, the sin of disobedience, not nudity. As they were about to be expelled from the garden and into a harsh world they new nothing about.<br />
<br />
If nudity was a bad thing then why did God command his Prophet Isaiah to go naked for as a sign and wonder for there years? As Isaiah prophesized in Egypt and Ethiopia. If Isaiah was going to prophesize then surely he was not talking to the snakes and scorpions of the desert. But rather he was traveling to the villages and towns where the people were. Men, women, children of all ages, any one who would listen saw this man in all his glory. If being nude was a sin then GOD would have never commanded Isaiah to get naked.<br />
<br />
Now before some one says that God forbade nudity with in a family unit as in Leviticus where God says it is an abomination to let your mother, sisters, daughters, etc to see your nakedness, here nakedness means to lay down with for sexual intercourse. That would be an abomination, sexual relations with someone other than your wife. I mean for people to use this as a clear indication that GOD doesn’t want us running around naked is a huge starch. <br />
<br />
Way, way back then people only had at most one outfit to wear. Work was done most likely in the nude (working in the field, fishing) they didn’t want to soil their one outfit.<br />
Homes were just one room offering no privacy, there were not bathrooms, not private areas to wash or go to potty. So nudity was a very common occurrence.<br />
<br />
I don’t understand why people want to take GOD out of some thing that He created and meant to be beautify. It is man with his perverted mind that has destroyed Gods most beautiful creation Naked man and Naked woman.<br />
<br />
I am so happy even jealous that you have an area where you can commune with GOD and his creation void of clothes. The majority of us are not so fortunate. As were are mostly confined to our home where we can commune with our family members as GOD had designed us.

I love to be nude whenever possible, sleep, make breakfast, do chores inside and out in the yard, find a private spot to get the wind rain or sunshine on my skin, but why mix your argument, Way Way back people were far more sophisticated than today, unless you believe we are evolving to greater civilisation. Clothes have always denoted status and authority. When Adam rebelled he lost that freedom to cover his new knowledge of what is right and proper with figleaves, whatever he thought right. God gave Adam covering for his new sinful estate by sacrificing the life of an animal. In glory we will be given new clothing and our innocent nakedness is forever lost, but we are given something even better.

Great comment and explanations! I fully agree with your descriptions and biblical perspective! It is very sad how we have twisted and turned what God prepared and wanted us to enjoy! Thanks for sharing your detailed description!

Also in Glory we will all be "Neuters" so any
worries over naked peepees will be moot.