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I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and I believe nudism private or social is natural and more Godly than clothed celebrations. If you are comfortable being nude, when alone, but ecspecially around others, it conveys that you are happy the way God made you and unashamed of who you are. Clothes disguise the true person beneath them and cause others to form opinions that may be totally wrong. Clothes can even make a person seem unapproachable, when they need interaction with others the most.

I look forward to attending a christian mass nude with other one day.
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this is indeed a most interesting subject - I've never considered nudism in a spiritual way, but I have considered there to be a great difference between nudism for the joy of celebrating the beauty of the body, and being naked for the purpose of sexual gratification.

While many so called 'christians' (note no capital 'C') will revert to quoting the bible phrase where Adam and Eve are 'outed' and in their shame clothe themselves, in the much wider view, does that not in essence state that if you're not ashamed of your body, then feel free to be clothes free??

Having been to many nude events and activities, both male only and mixed, it's really amazing how quickly the absence of clothing quickly becomes a non-topic and has no significance on the purpose of being there - which is having good fun with friends of like mind on equal footing. No barriers. No 'putting on airs' with the latest designer this or that. No trying to make a 'statement' of some sort by what you choose to wear - in fact, we're making a statement about equality, normality, and freedom to be who we are by NOT wearing 'statement' clothing!

Thank you for your views, and those of others who are of like mind.

I have been at Christian social gatherings where there were more sexual innuendos flying that I ever heard or saw at a nudist gathering. I guess people are so uptight about the clothed life we live that it is hard to express themselves

Good God yes! Many Christians are so sexually oppressed
they develop a fixation on it that's disgusting.
I believe you're either a naturist at heart or you're not.
If you are comfy in the buff then go for it. But if not just
keep your arrogant, judgmental comments to yourself,
PLEASE! (speaking to Fundies with a superior attitude).

I enjoy being nude with friends and others and see no violation of my Christian faith.

I verry much like these comits and so true. That out society as looked at this and made it nauty when it is acualy rather helthy

I agree with you, God made us and there is nothing wrong with going nude. Its society that has turned nudity into something morally wrong. I am a Christian and a nudist.

I have seen the show and truly wonder where they find some of there subjects. They had a girl on last week that must have been 35, but dressed like a 14 year old hooker with glitter and bright mismatched clothes and did not understand she looked like a total tramp. I couldn't even finish watching it because she just didn't get it. <br />
<br />
That is the way most of the US population is about nudity and it is even worse now than when I grew up. If people weren't so hung up about their bodies and nudity, we would have a lot less sex abuse and violent crimes.

i am also a nudist Christian and agree with you. We should be proud of our bodies. We are made in the image of God. Clothes do make people seem unapproachable. Have you ever watched the show 'What Not to Wear? This show proves your point.

I am 5' 9", 120#. I'm not "proud" of my tanned, skinny
body just like I'm not proud of being Gay. Its just the
way I am. So I can't imagine being proud of going nude.
Pride is something we humans need to work on
getting rid of. Let's be proud of Jesus & God, that's all.

I agree with you saying we should be proud of God and Jesus. I didn't mean we should be proud in an arrogant way. I feel that so many people are ashamed of their bodies. My point was that we should be content with the way we look because we are made in the image of God. Hopefully, I cleared that misunderstanding.

Yep, and thank you for that, Cheryl!