My Discovery

I never relized how much I loved being nude untill I met my wife. She would walk around nude in the summer all the time.
One day after my shower she dared me to try it. Spent the whole day nude just doing things around the house together.
The everyday things,dishes laundry, vacauming, putting together a jigsaw puzzle. I loved it!!! To make along story short we are not together anymore.She took the children & moved in with her mom again. (I love her miss her however she doesn't want to be in the
marriage anymore) I however discovered two things the only thing more important to me then my relationship with my wife & children was my relationship w/ Jesus Christ(well already knew that this just drove it home.leaning on the Lord all the time.) The other thing that I discovered I still loved doing things nude!!! difficult not much privicy from the nighbors hard to go out side. Almost got caught by theU.P.S. guy the other day. Went camping this summer was changing in the tent stayed nude as long as possibe (not long enough)
I would love to find a woman who loves the Lord as much as I do and loves being nude. That is why I'm so excited to find Christian nudist didn't Know they exciested. Thanks for listing Beaker65
beaker65 beaker65
1 Response Feb 19, 2011

A nudist wife is hard to find. What caused the divorce? You seemed like an honest and open family. I to suffered the pains of a divorce. But and now happily married to a beautiful Filipina. Started a second family and are happy nudist to boot.