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Lust In Your Heart

Would you agree that lust is the challenge? I am not referring to sexuality or active pursuit of lovers. Can you be naked and not think about lust? What do you think?
MrSoCal MrSoCal 46-50, M 10 Responses May 13, 2011

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I did it all the time when my late wife and I were members of a local nudist resort. We went regularly, always went nude while there. Saw lots of naked women and not once had a lustful thought while there.

I'm Gay and go to nude resorts and a nude beach nearby
quite often. But I honestly don't drool and stare lustfully
at young dudes in the buff. That's because I do LTR
relationships that are not based upon sex. I'm a healthy
male with a normal sex drive, but sex is NOT #1 on my
list of priorities!

Whether I'm nude or I'm seeing other people nude, it has no effect on my level of sexual arousal. I can even be giving a man a sensual massage crescendo-ing into an excellent hand job, and be very focused on the sensual art, and be completely unaroused.

Some people naturally have a much higher testosterone level (which is the hormone responsible for the sex drive), so it's natural that if they're nude or see attractive women nude (or clothed) their thoughts will tend toward more sexual thoughts. Other people have lower sex drives and it takes a lot more effort before they feel lustful.

So: I think it's individual.

Nudists arn't driven by lust,because we are not subject to body curiosity,nor genital curious.We are faced with sexality as a normal part of life.The textiles are subject to lust due to fantacies powered by textile bdy curiousity,and in most textile cases,nudity is associated only with sex(bolstered by por no graphy).In Nudists,nudity is a life style,a way of living,and nudists don't share lust...we ar not swingers...nudism/naturism envolves babies,todlers,kids ,teens,adults and seniors....its a lifestyle of living naked,and is seen as perfectly normal.There is a definate diffirance between lust,which is a unnatural state of living,ba<x>sed solely on satisfying sexual craving,and is in actual fact a bondage...and then there is arrousal,arrousal happens with any person,nudist or textile,and is a temprory stage...but not cripling and limiting like lust.Nudists are also subect to arrousal,but its usually marriage ba<x>sed,or occasional,as nature intended,but lust is a condition and an unnatural drive within a person,ba<x>sed on immorality and promiscuaty.

I am inclined to agree with kaalpoter. Nudity makes girl watching a bit more interesting, but after most curiosities are met, it is just another body. The plain fact is that Lifestylers (swingers) shop at nudist venues. Most nudist people are just that. If you think it is crazy try skinny dipping. A great sensation and relaxing experience.

I like the hit it on the head...nudists become just another body/person,and there's nothing to it,even when teen nudists see fellow piers nude,its just normal...I noticed that in my son as well.

Frankly, I can't be CLOTHED and not think about lust! LOL But seriously, whether or not I am nude, or those around me are nude, had little bearing on my "arousal". Certainly, if I see a beautiful woman I will admire her physical beauty, but that is true whether she is draped in textiles, or if she wearing her birthday suit. Same is true of a man. There is beauty in all humans, and I believe that part of the reason that most people become so aroused in the presence of nudity is because it is considered so taboo by most. If nudity were accepted as a more normal thing, if -- for example -- more people went nude at home, the whole family, then children would grow up accustomed to it, and it wouldn't be the "dirty," "nasty" thing it is considered to be by most now. I wish my ex had been more comfortable with her own body, I would have loved to have raised my children that way.

Willing, I agree. I find a textile beach far more tantilizing than a nude one.

rue...just shows how normal nudity is

It is verry easy to be non sexual in a respectable nude resort such as a AANR type resort where sex is not permitted in public. With all or most all nude it then becomes comfortable and normal. You also see the hole body and with no mistry of what the person looks like the sexual desires disapear as well. If the person is whering skimpy clothing then it is more sexual then nude. You will find in a nude inviroment that nudity is natural and not sexual.

I fully agree...If I seea woman dressed skimpy or sexy,it becomes an issue,and with textillians as well...if they see a pretty nude girl/boy,woman /man,they go through the same motions,but as soon as they see the nudist mindset,they become totally disallusioned with it.

i can be naked in my home i my pool or back yard an dont think about lust at all<br />
being naked is just a feeling a good free feeling i dont see anything sexua in that at all<br />
i sit on my deck with coffee naked <br />
i do not push my nudism on others if they are not comfortable with it

I can. Probably because most of the places I have gone where nudists were, there were so many people of all sexes, ages, races, and body types, and they were all very comfortable, happy, and nonsexual, that it put lust out of my mind and I just felt as comfortable, and non-lustful as I would feel if everyone had clothes on.

i think it depends on the person and who is around that person