I Am A Christian Nudist

I have been a Christian for 40 years and a nudist almost as long. I was introduced to Christ as a teenager in high school and to nudism while stationed in Germany. An Army buddy and I visited an indoor swim-bad and it turned out to be family day. all ages were represented at the pool and sauna areas. We were already familiar with the fact that dressing rooms were coed but were not prepared for what we would encounter in the sauna. I opened the door and there sat both men and women totally nude enjoying the heat. I looked at my friend and he looked at me (both with shocked expressions) for a minute and I said I've paid my dime I'm not leaving.

Much to my surprise the situation was not erotic nor was I tempted to lust. Then whole situation seemed totally normal and my friend and I enjoyed the entire day . This experience caused me to question the taboo of no nudity amongst Christians and as I studied the bible I could not find a prohibition against simple nudity. Praise God for His word which guides us, if we could read it without preconceived ideas many supposed do's and don'ts might be challenged.
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where do you guys live at

I am a nudist and a Christian ... I wish I could find a place where both come together in an organized church. Know of any in the States?

I only know of one in VA; that one is Whitetail Chapel. You can find information about it by googling White tail nudist church.

places like that where you were an others places it is comon to be like that<br />
it is here in the united states that the goverment tells us what we can an cant do<br />
like you in germany an other pleces in europe they have public pee places they have big round i don tknow what you call them an you pee out in the open in them i have seen an been in one in cananda never in united states<br />
that said done<br />
my wife an daughters pratice nudism we hve few couples we meet thru the chruch that are nudist an we have our only little get to gether we dont go out an to camps or anything<br />
my girls taught to dress when people come over that not comfortable with seeing us naked but then at home you will find them in all stages of clotheing that they see fit to wear <br />
<br />
more people should be more open about seing the naked body that it is not a sexual thing at all

I have also hurd the clothing manufactures have premoted the need for clothing and more so the change in fashon to keep the interest in the newest thing.

Clothing basically has one utilitarian function and that is to protect us from the elements. The fashion industry is a whole entity unto itself where functionality takes backseat to what seems pretty or hip or avant garde or God only knows what the designer of said clothing wants to sell. The clothing industry truly has to create a need for their product because in reality people really only need a few sets of clothes as most activities can be done without them

That may be the case, but it have come about as an over reaction to overly sexualized pagan system that dominated the world during the first century. It may have been easier to cover everyone than to learn self-control.

I have wondered for a while if the church promoted clothes and the idea of anti-nudity as a way of keeping control over the masses. NOTE: I do not believe that GOD thinks nudity is a bad idea, just organized religion.