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My Comming To Peace As A Nudist Teen

As a country lad,we had lots of fun.We went to school barefoot all year around,often went skinny dipping and skinny scouting,and it did not bother us.Some pt periods were swimming periods,and we had a few choices,bring your swim wear and join the class,or forget your swim wear and sit. Out,no swimming in under wear,or join the class if you forgot your swim wear by swimming naked,and we almost always chose the nude option.As a teen,we moved to the city,I lost all my country friends,and was very unhappy,and became shy and withdrawn,and fell into severe guilt,as the city made everything naked out as bad and evil and disgusting,which caused me to become shame ridden and embarressed.But one day,I went to the store for my mother,dressed in shoes,denims and a shirt,and was still very angry because of my loneliness and missing my buddies,but I stoPped and asked myself why I was wearing shoes,in stead of being barefoot,after all,I reasoned,I was only 13 and still a boy-child,and ought to be barefoot.Then I asked myself why I did not go around naked any longer.Do friends change what nudity is...?No,nude is nude,whether you are with friends or not also asked myself why I thought God would disapprove of me as a born again christian loving nudism and. Also as a teenager,after all,did God not create my body and penis as well?Did He not know what it looked like,did He not mould my body and genitals,and is this body not his temple,whether naked or covered...?Well,I turned around,went home,removed my shoes and socks,denim and shirt and underpants,put on a skimpy short,and went to the shop,came back and got naked,and subsequently thereafter,I started sleeping in the nude,took my clothes off after school and spent the afternoons naked until mom came from work,she was opposed to nudity,I did not care.I then realised,being naked was fantastic,and God would not disapprove,on the contrary,he made this body,loved it,and so did I.nNow I have a nudist ministry,I preach naked,worship God naked,pray naked,because he only does good things,and my naked temple witnesses to his. Fearfully and wonderful creation that is my body.My nudity is pure praise to him,my penis is his handiwork,whether erect or not,that's how He made the penis,and. My naked body complements my naked penis
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i still liike tobe nude love the no clothes feelling

To me,I feel totally out of sync if I wear clothes...I HATE clothes and loathe shoes.But unfortunately,due to my work,I can't work barefoot,but I do everything else barefoot,,and if I could work naked,I would any time

Great story to share and could not agree more with you. We came into this world naked an as a naturalist/nudist why can't I live this way? God created me, knows my every needs and wants, designed my body in his image and does not make mistakes. He knows what I think, how I act, and how I cherish my life as a Christian Nudist. So if this is so wrong, why do I feel one with God when I am nude. Thanks again for sharing your story.