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I have met many people that have a total misconception of nudism!Many people think that when you are a bunch of nudists together,all u do is have sex!They think being nudists are being swingers.They always associate nudists wit sex and sexuality,heaven knows why!I blame por n o graphy.Those por n stars are naked,but it does not render them nudists!The question I ask is this,when textile wear their clothes,do they just have sex?When textiles go on a hike clothed,do they just have sex?Of course not!Well nudists just do all the textiles do,only difference is,we do it naked!Does that mean then,because we are nudists,and.,go hiking in the nude as an example...,do we just have sex?When nudists are nude,does it mean,just because we are naked,we only have sex the whole time?Of course not!But why do people think that?I blame por nography and ignorance!
Is wearing clothes by the textiles,sexuality?Does sexuality and clothing always go hand in hand?Does barefooting render sex or sexuality,no...unless one worps it....then why on earth should nudism always be rendred sexual or as sexuality...?
Nudists are normal people,just normal people,only...naked normal people...nothing sexual about it! ...just because our genitals are exposed does not mean we only have sex,just like kids in SA that go to school barefoot and prefer being barefoot,does not mean that they don't have shoes and are impoverished, they like being barefoot,I know I just because we are naked,does not mean we just have sex!Being a nudist,is not being a swinger or an immoralist...
The genitals are as much part of your body as is or are your ears,fingers or toes,there is nothing special about the genitals.Its a normal part of ones body,and does not always HAVE TO FUNCTION in a sexual manner...its just another part of your body!
People mystesize the genitals...TEXTILLIANS IMMORALISE THE GENITALS,not nudists....if it is immoral and only sexual to be a nudist,then being barefoot and bare handed,bare eared,bare headed,bare chested,must also be sexual....
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very well said i agree

they are all wrong it is Not about sex but i am a christian i want to be a christian nudist and i was thinkin of redoin my baptism again only in the nude

I to am a christian and a pastor,and I love being naked,not only to preach,but for leisure as well.Being naked is relaxing.My late son always insisted on being naked when it was time to do home altatr,that is reading the bible and doing our prayers before bed.I of course raised him a nudist as well.But if we for some or other reason were dressed with home altar,he first insisted we get nude before even opening the bible.He said doing that,we were genuine before God.I also prefer as a christian to be naked,whether with God or my friends.My sons friends came around almost every day,even when he was 14 to visit,and we would still remain naked,and play games or do bbques,eat or whatch movies.As a christian,its normal to be naked,aint no shame to it.But if you already have been baptised,there is no need to be re baptized,whether clothed or not,it wn't matter to our Father,what mattes is whether by His Spirit you were baptized into the death of Christ on the cross.Paul himself said that God did not send him to baptize,but to preach Christ and Him cricified.But none the less,stay nked...stay genuine.

My wife and I are Christians, and we enjoy being out in nature, hiking, swimming, and etc., naked. We are not ashamed of the bodies God gave us, nor are we inhibited by rules created by a society of sinful mankind. There is nothing sinful about being naked, we are told to 'not lust after' and 'not cause another to sin'. Those are the only real prohibitions we find in Scripture. We do not want to arouse lust in others by our nudity, or cause them to stumble. Most of our social interactions with other like minded couples and individuals are simply the same as we would have if we were dressed, talking, laughing, and fellowship. That said, to be honest and open, there have been times when being naked has changed the dynamic, and has provoked thoughts, conversation, and interaction that likely would not have occurred had we been dressed. Last summer, for example, day hiking in the mountains naked with another couple we'd met; our stop for lunch brought about conversation my wife and I had considered but discounted. It was a very warm day, and as we all sat and talked, we noticed the gentleman was not only looking at my wife, but was becoming visibly aroused. We all remarked about it, and we did let him know that rather than be offended or uncomfortable about it, we considered it a compliment. He was apologetic, we told him there was no need to be. I did tell him that I was doing my best to not respond in similar fashion, as I found his wife attractive as well. They told us that I was being kind, and was trying to lessen their discomfort, so I moved to show that I had in fact become aroused by her as well. With both he and I in open and apparent full arousal; our wives felt not only complimented, but also felt comfortable expressing their own interested and less visible yet aroused states as well. We know that most will say that "oh, it's just being naked, there's nothing sexual about it"; and we would agree. But to say that there's never any sexual overtones, or that every experience or interaction is pure and platonic, is just not true - at least in our experience. We believe we are good Christians, but we've found we are saints, not angels. We enjoy nudity, by ourselves and with others. We will not say we are without sin, nor shall we say that we've never 'crossed the line' or allowed things to go farther than they should, too far at times. We have not decided to cease enjoying what we find such delight and truth in, simply because at times we go too far. Rather, we admit and confess; and try to rein in the flesh. We know that being naked in a social setting is making provision for sin; we just know we have to "do better". We are human, and our prayer in sharing this, is that others will open up in honesty, and be real; and not say 'there's nothing sexual about nudity'. It's true that most of the time there is nothing sexual; but 'most' is not 'never'.
We also must admit honestly that despite all the different points of view we've read and heard, it is not our place to judge or condemn. The couple we went hiking with opened up and admitted that they believe 'seeing' the intimate acts of others was not sinful but beautiful, in their opinion, after all God created the 'act'. In discussing this, my wife and I understood why they thought that way. We all also discussed the prohibitions in Scripture, men with men, etc.; but we all agreed that back in Biblical times it was likely not uncommon in the family unit, or even in the close confines of community - in tents or in towns - to observe the nakedness, or sexual interactions, of others. (the woman caught in adultery was guilty of being with a man not her husband, not of being seen. She was seen, no big deal happened routinely. She was not with her husband - that was the sin) As we discussed all this, we began to think about it in terms of "Biblical times" not modern "condemning" times, and we agreed with them - with one's own spouse, it is showing love, honestly and without guile or guilt. As time passed, we all agreed that although it could be a slippery slope, it was indeed a very beautiful and loving thing, even to the understanding that it may even be an encouragement or enlightenment to another couple feeling distant or needing to find the closeness you display. We all went quiet for a few moments, and shared individual prayer, and then prayed together. After we prayed, our wives got up and moved, and each couple joined as man and wife. It was beautiful, and harmonious; and although it was very sexual in nature, we understood then exactly what they meant. Our lustful passion was for our spouse, and we all enjoyed the display of deep love for our betrothed, without pretense or sham. As each of us reached release, we all had the opportunity to share in that moment of love as God intended, giving oneself over completely to bring joy to another. We don't see that as sin, and we share it without shame.

True thay thnk seeing gender parts of the body will permote sexual desores. Not experancing it them selves they are blind to the purity of nudism. It is also the clothing industry that permotes clothing that also trys to make nutity a bad thing. We as nudist/naturest see both sides of the fence I can see there fews but they can not see the true nudist views. I recall a nude resort saying there is no curisoty of what a person looks like but in the textile world there is and that is what really permotes sex.