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Good Buddy

I had a friend called Hugo,and he was a nudist at home,and he had a great influence on me becomming a nudist.The day I became a believer,I seemed to become a nudist in over drive,and I found,living out my Christian faith as a nudist,deepned my faith as a nudist,and made me love God even more.As a christian,I cannot imagine a non-nudist lifestyle.To me,Christians shoul and ought to be nudists.
kaalpoter kaalpoter 51-55, M 1 Response Apr 25, 2012

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You are right but offen the church and the western culcher wants to belive that nudity permotes sex. (though you and Hugo did get a bit sexual) When at a social nude setting there is nothing sexual. Them not open to going there they wish to condem this knowing nothing of it really.