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Kids Seeing Adults Naked.......aint Always Bad

In 1995,a lady friend of mine asked me to whatch her house,or as we call it,do some house sitting for her as she was going to the Arabic Emerates work for a year or two.I leaped at the oppertunity,and moved in the day she moved out.I had freedom un hindred...The yard was private,the house was private,so I could be naked as long as I wanted,and did not need to wear clothes,at all eveer,except to work.The first few weeks it went well....I had two weeks leave,and spent all of it naked,never wearing clothes...until one day,I was whatching tv,and herd a ball hit the back door,so I walked to the kitchen window,and looked through the window curtains.A young boy,aged about ten,bare chested and bare feet,climbed over the wall,looked around nervousely,then collected his ball,and climbed back again.I left it at that....I took no furthher notice,nor gave it another thought.
Then I returned to work,and working nights,I slept during the days,and again one afternoon,I was woken again by a ball in the back yard.The room I slept in was next to the kitchen,and dark annd cool,so the ball sounded very close to me.Again I looked through the window,and the same barefoot kid clambred over the wall,dressed in a speedo,sat on the wall and looked around nervously,sliped down and collected his ball.I left it again.But it happned more often,and I realy became irretated,and I waited ....One weekend again,I was in the back yard,doing some gardning in the nude as usual,when the ball came flying over the wall again,and almost knocked my soda over.I stood there,and put my foot on the ball,and then I sas the barechested, barefoot kid clambering over the wall again.When he saw me,he froze and blushed.He then slid down the wall and walked up to me,looking at my naked demeanor.
"Morning uncle..."he greeted politely,and then smiled."Coud I have my ball please..."I knodded.I thought that him seeing me naked,woukd frighten him out of his ball tresspassing....
"Where is aunte Rose?" he asked surprised,looking at my nakedness then at the kitchen door anxiousely.
"She"s working abroad...."I said....
He sighed with a ..."Phew!She was bad with balls...and always held it back....and then take it to my dad...He would give me a good hiding....I I'M sorry about the ball...."he stuttred,then looked at my as hot outside....about 40 degrees celsius...
I felt sory for the kid remembring that I too was a kid once.....I also kicked balls over walls,also felt nnervous colllecting it,sometimes encountred angry residents.....I also walked barefoot and bare chested....but never encountred a naked male before!
I felt sorry for the kid,he was cute with his freckle face and messed up hair and dirty feet....I offred him soome cool drink,because he was sweaty,and the green cream soda looked very nice,with ice tinckling in it.He accepted it gladly,and followed me into the kitchen.
"Uncle,where are your clothes?"
I shrugged my shoulders,and explained to him that I hated clothes and shoes,and were a nudist/naturist.
His reaction surprised me totally....."Wow....That is so cool...I never met a nudist looks jus so cool!I sleep naked though....."Then he visited about an hour long,and then excused himself,and as he scaled the wall again,he asked me..."Can I come and visit again?"I said he could,but decided to be discreet the next time.
About two days later,I was in the lounge cleaning the floor naked,and then I saw his bare feet behind me....He had a candy bar in his hand,and smiled .
"Howzitt uncle B...I decided to visit and bring you a candy bar....just to say thanks for not scolding me about the ball thing...."then he handed me the bar.
"I like you..."he sniggred....I was surprised and asked him why....and he just said that it was so 'cool'not to see shy people....
One day I saw him climbing over the wall again to visit,and I quickly slipped on a shorts.He came in,and stopped surprised in the doorway...then he smiled..."You look wierd....!"he remarked.
I asked him why he said that,and he said that he can't get used to me in clothes...our friendship was strong now,so he was very bold.He just knodded his head...."Why so shy all of a sudden...I have seen him before...I don't mind the nakedness..."Well,I removed my shorts,and what was his remark...."Thats better!"well,for the remainder of my stay,we became good friends,and later his dad had a transfer to another province,and they moved.It was a good friendship,he was clothed and I was naked...and it worked out!
Years later,I had moved up town,a block away from the beach,and I love cats.And every morning,I would take my cats out for ablutions,and I was always naked,the only person that ever saw me was the paper delivery boy on his bike,and he ignored it,so I wasn't bothred.My lounge window looked out on the street,and it always a lot of sun in the winter,and I often sat in the lounge,basking in the sun,it was free from the wind and cosy....but no one coud realy se inside unless they walked up to the window across the side walk.Every afternoon a kid would walk past my window back from school,aged about 13/14,and then about a half hour later he would return down the street,also barefoot and occasionally bare chested,then hed return again with his sister ....or he'd come past taking the dog for a walk.Whenever I was outside during the day(clothed),and he would walk past,hed greet me friendly,and this was how we got to know each other.One day he actually stopped at me,and began talking about the waves that were so high.Being a teen ager,it was strange to see a teen barefoot...they usually wear shoes or sneekers.....but he was always bare feet,so I asked him why he was always barefoot.He just said that he hated wearing shoes.So we said cheers,and he went on his way.The next day,I was naked coming into the lounge,and the door was open,and there,in the door stood Garth(not his real namme) ,barefoot and dressed.He saw me and asked if he could come in,I could not do any thing,so I let him come in,and being naked,I felt a bit awkward...Garth never said a word,nor asked a question concerning my nudity.I aked him if it bothred him if I was naked?He just shrugged his shoulders..."Nope...I also have a penis..."then he smiled...."Barefoot or naked...all the same..."
We developed a good friendship,and he actually referred to me as his "Step father" and often came for sleep overs,and he slept in the nude after a while...and later on,he too,when visiting me,got naked as well...later I had a friend move in with me,and he too was a nudist,or rather,I turned him into one....and he also loved it,and Garth was very comfortable with friend and I both had girlfriends,and Garth as well,and he enjoyed our company.Thats why I say,kids seeing adults naked,aint always bad....both with Garth and the other kid,I had no alterior motives,nor ever had any other thoughts towards them,except just being me...and a friend.Later Garths dad died,and he was very close to me,I felt like a father towards him,and he often wept his sorrows out on my shoulder....I often just hugged him when he was sad,naked and not every nudist is bad....actually...genuine nudists,arn't bad at all.
kaalpoter kaalpoter 51-55, M 4 Responses May 23, 2012

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i am home nudist an raise my daughters that way also it was clothing optional an almost all the time they went naked

I must say that at first some red flags went up when I read your story, kaalpoter. But, by the end, I realised that I need to read more such good stories to help change my mindset. I am also comfortable nude and would like to be so around others, but that's another story.

That was a great story kaal. It's good that your young neighbor didn't find your nudism offensive. I just wish more people would realize the nude body is a very beautiful thing.

I found that in some cases,at first some can get a bit of a shock,but then after a while,they accept nudism as absoolutely normal.Its just the adults that like to make nudism something evil.Yes at first they stare,thereafter,they don't care...

yes true wish more would think like that nudism not being offensive

I like your story and so true. First off you were same gender at first anyway and that isn't fround on as much but as our western culcher moves it does try to sham that as well..It is those textile people who don't see true nature of nudism. They offen see it as a swinger sex thing and I have found it acualy go's the other way. Away from sex and jest being natural. In the nudist setting we see what each other looks like no mistry. Then with cloths on there is more of a curiosity of what that person looks like. Not that I care but have been around manny that do. I also see kids are not bothered by nudity. As long as its not sexual. Its the lustfull mined parents that have a problem with it.