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My Struggles

Is nudism ok since I'm a Christian? I still have struggles. I am experiencing more acceptance and peace about being clothes free. The freedom is wonderful.
shytsidun shytsidun 51-55 7 Responses Aug 6, 2012

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Read Genesis 2:25.

Read Genesis 3:21.

While a great number of people would say being Christian and nudist is contradictory there are those of us who look to Genisis where God said "it is good" and Adam and Eve were nude. The key factor, in my opinion, is why you are nude. If it is for sex, and sexual arousal then the naysayers are correct. But anyone that has ever been to a nudist gathering will tell you that there is nothing sexual involved and so nothing wrong with it.

A nudist Christian is about as legitimate as an evil Christian. Just sayin' ...

I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner.

Why would you say this? Have you studied God's word (the bible) about the subject of Christian being socially nude?

How exactly are 0rgy colonies compatible with the Christian command to "Flee from fornication"? (1 Corinthians 6:18)

Who said anything about orgies or "**** colonies"? Imagine a place where ALL the people, everybody there, is totally naked. Do you imagine a scene of wild, unrestrained group sex, with people fornicating with complete strangers, copulating like animals?

Because, in recorded history, there is one description of one place where every person present was totally naked. You can read that description at Genesis 2:25... the place was called "Eden", and the naked people were Adam and Eve, as God left them in their state of sinless grace before the Original Sin. "NAKED and WITHOUT SHAME". NAKED is how God MADE Adam and Eve, NAKED is how He intended them to live... and when He saw that they had clothed themselves, He became ANGRY, and demanded to know, "WHO TOLD YOU THAT YOU WERE NAKED?"

Right now, at this very moment, YOU ARE NAKED before God - your clothing hides nothing from Him. And He is the ONLY ONE who can judge you... or judge anyone in any group of naked people. Do you think you are God? Put YOUR prejudice aside - judging people is God's job, not yours!

No mention in the Bible of Eden as an "**** colony" - but of course, it had to be, right? I mean, everybody there was naked, so it's completely proper to assume (as YOU DID) that any gathering of naked people would do nothing except fornicate forever. THANK YOU for helping me understand that Eden - the original paradise on Earth, created for us by God, was created BY HIM to be an "**** colony".

"Imagine a place where ALL the people, everybody there, is totally naked."

That's what happens in an **** ...

True... but it also happened in Eden BECAUSE GOD MADE EDEN WITH NOTHING BUT NAKED PEOPLE. And, Eden was not a ****.

You should live your life the way God intended Adam and Eve to live... read Genesis 2:25 and follow that example.

Read Genesis 3:21.

Before you call Nudist Resorts "**** Colonies" I would suggest you visit one so you will know what your are talking about. As it is you sound like a fool.

Are you seriously suggesting nobody's having sex at these resorts?

I've been there. You haven't. Sex isn't a part of it. It would be hard to hide an erection and they aren't present.

Right and pigs fly ...

I attended a nudist swim with 35 other people. I was the 4th youngest at 47, the youngest was 4, the oldest was North of 70. The group's demographic profile was actually very similar to the demographic profile at my church. Males and females, naked together, swimming and socializing... and nobody had sex there, nobody was visibly aroused. BECAUSE WE WERE ALL NAKED, our nakedness was not even noteworthy, anyone's genitalia had no more significance than anyone's hair color.

If you believe we were all there having sex... if you believe that we went there to arrange sexual trysts... please understand that you have no actual information to base that belief on, and your beliefs (if these are what you believe..) are based on nothing except prejudice.

No information to base that belief on? Sexual arousal is intimately associated with nudity. That's how the **** industry rakes in billions!

So, your point is that whenever people are naked, those who see them are sexually aroused, and unable to restrain themselves from having (or at least attempting to have) orgies - and that is why it's fair to assume that a nudist event MUST have sexual contact involved.

Is that a fair statement of your point?

Unless they're all geriatrics you'll be hard pressed to convince anyone otherwise :)

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I would recommend a good Christian naturist website called for how the Bible deals with it.

God will not command someone to sin. With that in mind, look up Isaiah 20, there you will find the following:

Isaiah 20:2 "...the LORD spoke by Isaiah the son of Amoz, saying,
“Go, and remove the sackcloth from your body, and take your
sandals off your feet.” And he did so, walking naked and barefoot."

I for one believe the bible to be God's word, meaning that it is true, and take it literal for what it says. If God can't and won't command someone to sin, then by telling Isaiah to remove his "sackcloth" and walk naked and barefoot for 3 years, then simple nudity, even public nudity isn't sin.

Now God also calls breaking laws sin, so in this matter, and in most places, public nudity is against the law, so as a Christian, I would have to limit my nudity to areas where I'm not breaking any local laws.

I hope this helps!

Remember from Genesis, it was not God that told Adam and Eve to cover up, they made the suits of fig leaves themselves. Remember also that their sin was not nudity, but disobedience to God relative to the tree--nothing to do with nudity. God is concerned with the contents of our hearts, not how we look on the outside. If you struggle being nude around others, then think twice about it, but if you are in the privacy of your own home, there is absolutely nothing contradictory with God about you being naked. Enjoy it, and thank God for the body He gave you just exactly as he gave it to you.

sure at home in private is fine...i walk nude in the house...