Genesis 2:25 - "And the man, and the woman, were naked and without shame." This is how Adam and Eve were created by God, and how He left them, in their original state of Grace within Eden. This is how God INTENDED mankind to exist - "naked and without shame". But, while God was away, Eve took the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, she ate it and fed it to Adam, and they became aware of their nakedness. When God returned to them, He discovered that they had covered themselves, to hide their nakedness from Him (since there was nobody else to hide from..). This - the first clothing - OFFENDED God, who demanded to know, "WHO TOLD YOU THAT YOU WERE NAKED?"

I know of no place in the Bible where nakedness was offensive to God - but in Eden, He was offended by clothing. I believe that the path to righteousness includes the shedding of clothing - I sin every time I dress, for as long as I remain dressed... and I get naked to pursue spiritual purity.
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there was no shame in being naked before the fall as man did not have a carnal mind. clothing thn is meant to protect from those who have lustful. minds. that being said however I don't feel that nonexclusive social nudity is wrong but a matter of personal taste. I would not walk around town naked

I cannot agree that being clothed is a sin, and there are many times where clothing is desirable for comfort and protection. I would say, though, that innocent social nudity helps to confront body shame and see each other as equal, vulnerable beings in the eyes of God - in some small way heading back to Eden.