I Am A Christian Nudist Part 2

After working with the first through third graders I went working with the Jounior High class. We were doing Genesis after that first class I made the mastake of cometing on the Adam and eve apple and nudity thing. After class kids gone bit that bothered the leader me being a nudist.. Worked with him that year in the class. The next fall he meet me saying he did not want me in his class.. I never brought the nudity thing in the presents of the students. But any way this church the Elders had problems with the two pasters they had and had them resign. So with this church going nowhere as well I decided to leave and go back to the Church from before. Though it did grow in to a new and bigger church with a new name. I was a member of this church in the past. But did transfer my membership to this church I was now leaving. With this my membership was gone. So I had to take the membership class again. Then meet with the Elders. The first meeting  the apointment time got messed up and therefore needed reschedual. Then meet one of them then the other came in a bit late. I was asked  about conflict with others in witch in the back of my mind I said to my self don't go there. So finely I let them know I had been to nude resorts in the past. So with that they wanted to meet again The one was to look up Christian nudist on the internet.. We meet again his papper from the internet he clamed to be out of text not that I could read it all that well being in a meeting with them and I am not a fast reader eather. These Elders were ferm that it was a sexual temtation. So the way I see it They come out to be lustful minded Elders.. There thought were that this is a sinfull thing. So with there atitude I never would be a member there being that evin if I never went to a nude resort I stil would never be able to condemn the other nudist as the resorts. I witch I have no reason to stop going. I do have a friend leader of our bible study who knows I am a nudist and supports me. He also sees the Elders being a probem for me. There was also a guy in charge of the jounior   high class. that wasn't bother by me being a nudist his parents had nabors that were presumed were nudists So in chatting with him he was interested in the nudist life stile not that he was interested in persueing it jest interested what it was. the why? Anyway Working in the video at church ad our producer being from the previous church meet with him and plan on meeting our worship pastor. So meet with the producer and he really wasn't with me on this ether but encourage me to get where its ok to be bible.  I did jest get a thing on this in figleaf forum. So lets see where this goes?   

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Your a Christian who happens to be a nudist. I see nothing wrong with it.

Hey nude55,<br />
Thanks for sharing. I too love my faith and being a nudist or naturist. Unlike somma1971 my wife found out about my nudist lifestyle and IS VERY MUCH AGAINST IT b/c she thinks it's just a front for swingers. How far from the truth she is! But I definately agree w/ u to not let anyone at ur church know as it certainly will be held against you.<br />
If u have the time or inclination there is a brother named Jim Cunningham who is also a Catholic Christian nudist who has written some materials on nudism and faith. He is an amputee who is blind from diabetes, I believe, but his faith is strong. If u google his name I'm sure you will find some good materials.<br />
In His Peace, ddrjr

Christian nudist or naturest is a bit tricky? nudist naturest a lot of them are christians but its not good to speek of it in a chirch setting. Thay see sin where its not. It is not a sin to be naked or naked with others. But it is a sin when its sexual. your girl friend sex or that homosexual sin you were doing with your friend after skinny dipping in his house.

never heard of christian nudist but theres alot of stuff i never heard of or experienced yet

Would be good for your wife to know and hopefully suport you in this. Evin if she stays dressed and open to you being nude would be good. And in time if shes open to you being nude she may go nude with you at times? But let her be her. But the church DO NOT TELL THEM IF AT ALL POSIBLE.

thank you for your story... It helped me as I am well know in our church but have never let anyone including my wife know that I am a nudest.. Just hasn't helped for me beable to freely practice