It Is What It Is.

I can't believe there is actually an online group for this. This is a debate my husband and I have. I believe smoking brings me closer to God. It was used in the past for religious ceremonies. It helps to block out the garbage that is in front of me and help me to focus on who I am, a Child of the Most High God. In moderation I find it is great. 

I'm a singer-songwriter. When I was not walking with the lord, I would smoke and write. Then I rededicated myself to Christ and thought I had to give up smoking. I didn't smoke for almost five years. I also did not write another song until I started smoking again.

I don't know if it is wrong or right. I know I feel better when I get high. But at the same time, I find when I'm not high, I have a harder time connecting with God than I did before I started smoking again. I will pray and all, but I don't feel his presence when I'm not high.

So, I'm not really sure what to do with this, but I wanted to put it out there. A good friend was explaining that when you are pissy and irritable when not high, then its time to quit. And I guess that's how I feel lately. Maybe I have crossed the line from moderation? 

I know for myself its an internal struggle and has now become a a sorce or marital contention as well. I feel when pot is in my life, I have a better sense of who I am and a better perspective on life. When I stop smoking, I feel depressed and unmotivated. I guess that's just temporary withdrawal or something? My husband says that classic addiction signs. I don't know. 

Any advice?

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3 Responses Mar 15, 2009

There's always The classic scripture eat drink and be merry eclesiastes

If ANYTHING has your heart more than God, then it is technically an idol, is it not?

I personally don't think anyone should quit. God gave us pot, and he said it was good and that we should use the resources of the earth and have dominion over them. Just as long as your not smoking up all the weed up on the planet I don't see anything wrong with what your doing. My day sux with out it too. Don't be so hard on yourself, and get your husband to partake. Sounds to me like he's stressing over it too much.