Im a Christian

im a teen & its hard 2 be christian w/ so many bad influences going on., everyday is a striggle where i have 2 work hard 2 remind myself of God's love. Its hard 2 not follow the crowd & sumtimes i do just 2 fit in but it only makes me stronger int he end. I have a personal relationship with Christ & its amazing. I feel more mature & see things differently from my peers. in the end i realize that i dont mind sacrificeing a few friends, parties, & drinks cuz nothing compares 2 the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus of dying on the cross for our sins. & entering the kingdom of heaven for eternity is alot more satisfying than a temporary happyness from parties or friends.
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I had to craw out of a lot of crazy doing in my teen years. When Yahweh call, Yahweh has got his eye on you, because you will be raised up at that gathering together; because you believe Yahweh raised Yeshua from among the dead. Just believe Yeshua was the meshiach.

Hi good for you, I live in South Africa where crime is bad and drugs are rife,my kids are all decent and not one of them have got involved in drugs or any bad things for that matter, Christian values are so important, be proud of yourself, remember we are only on earth for a short time and our soul will live for eternity and we want to be at peace and know that we lived good clean lives and then we will be rewarded...I wish I could help all the youngsters in this world who have problems with drugs,alcohol or abuse of any sort,sometimes I get so cross with parents over here they give their kids money over weekend and just drop thm off at local Mall and don't even have a clue what they are up to, in the meantime drug dealers are all over looking for prey.God bless you

Just do the best that you can do, i have a child that is also a christan and at times it's very hard on her also... but most of all remember that jesus is the one that walks beside you when everything seems to be sooooo hard.. keep on loving jesus cause he sure loves you.

u r so right ive kinda fallen in those bads influences but im trying to get out of them