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You Are Who You Say You Are

Unless you are faking it for whatever reason, I will accept whatever you self identify unless I discover you are faking it maliciously, with intent to harm me or others, then I will out you with out mercy or compassion. I also no longer believe homosexuality or any other gender "disorder" is a sin.

Me personally I have a mans body and I am attracted to almost all women, but not do not like "standard" intercourse. Don't get me wrong I enjoy and love sex with women but in a lesbian fashion, just to use broad short hand. Yes I am married to a woman and respect the oath and boundaries that come with that marriage. I have felt for years that something was wrong with me.  I have NEVER been completely comfortable with being male. I view many traditional male activities as crude and silly.

I don't cross dress because my body is not designed for the cut of women's clothes and by tradition and convention, both arbitrary behaviors,  I do not wear makeup or jewelry other then a wedding ring and a watch. My view is why fight nature.   I do love women's clothes and shoes and fully support anything you feel you want or need to do to live your life successfully and happily. Of course as long as it does not hurt me and mine.

That is right I am a butch lesbian warrior princess that will love you or rip your heart out and let you watch me eat it as you die.  Jesus is an awesome man, and God bless you. :)

Oh and my Church that I lead and worship at will accept and love you.  And church is a chance to dress up, sweet.  See you there.
xxorama xxorama 46-50, M 3 Responses Nov 25, 2012

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And we can both change our minds tomorrow. Or not. I do not follow anyone's guild lines on living. I have the power and freedom to be whom ever when ever. So do you. I hope your imagination is as good as mine.
I enjoy myself a lot

You are who you are and I am me. To deny that would just be a waste of the beauty The Lord made when he created us.

This is enlightening, xxorama. I knew you had struggles..Did not know why....You are quite a man. I respect you. And admire your courage. kissessssssssssssssss...