The Path of the Blue Raven!

Hi gang,

Well what a joy to come across this site. 

Here's the first bit of my story as an introduction:

I am a Priest. I am a C of E priest from the UK who has had a love-hate relationship with Churchianity for years and years. I have also, throughout that period, been aware of a growing love for nature, forests, trees etc. On top of this I am a magician (in the Derren Brown sense) and use my illusions to try to awaken folk to a deeper magical experience. 

I left my full time mininstry two years ago (long story) and became a full time freelance magician and writer.

Six months after that i received and invitation from Philip Carr Gomm to speak / perform at his winter gathering at Glastonbutry, England, of The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. I went, I performed, I mingled, I was hooked. From that moment i knew Druidry was something I had been looking for for years.

My newest book (to be published in Nov. this year) will tell the whole story. 

So, that's a little from me.

I really look forward to hearing about all of you guys.

Until then, Big Blessings,

Mryddin (Mark)




myrddin myrddin
41-45, M
Mar 17, 2009