Bears, Please

Like others in this group, I prefer heft on my men, and plushness in my women. Not only for the lovely feeling when he lies on me and embraces me -- smooth, warm, hefty -- but even for the ernestness and the force he uses to enjoy me. A man who is too muscley and thin isn't as much fun to hold onto. And I'm not a cuddler, but I dig when big men want to molest me and fondle my body.

Maybe I just like feeling small. But I like big, fat men. :)
auroramaru auroramaru
46-50, F
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gccarter, how many girls do you need that you need more?? ;)

a couple of them. :-P

would a couple of them want to share you, gccarter?


More girls need to think like you do. :-)

depends how tall you are, bbwluvr. and more than what's on the outside, the inside and how you use it matter most.

Ok, I see. I'm glad you're thinking about the whole package.

bbwluvr, of course -- it shouldn't be any other way.

I'm hairy,220 pounds and getting bigger all the that fat enough to be considered big?

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Sorry Cleve but the links are missing!

maybe he ate the links.

too bad the links don't work, cleve. hope you and your girlfriend are enjoying yourselves so much that you are happy to advertise! ;)

flabman, that's cruel ... and really really funny!

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bman, it's more the inner man. and if people are so shallow as to really want someone for their outer packaging, then life will simply suck for everyone around them. i like big men because they aren't boney, nor do they tend to be vain. sure, some are jerks -- just like everyone else. but i am relatively small, and the contrast is erotic to me. ;)<br />
<br />
congratulations on your changes!

brewmeister, being dissatisfied with skinny men, of course. and ******* other big men. where have YOU been? lol, glad to meet you.

dang, where have you been all my large life???

dominatedgirl, glad you like the big ones -- more than enough to go around for all!

papabeardan, will do!

karmageddon, i don't know what is happening to EP, one of my messages was recently blocked because of "inappropriate content." i might have to find somewhere else to post my sluttiness if this keeps up! (how bratty could that be? haha!)

auroramari, I got your message. However, it requirs me to purchase tokens to reply to you. When I go to purchase tokens it takes me to some credit score site. So, I will stick to messaging you here unless you want to exchange email addresses. BTW- I can handle a brat ;)

hi karmageddon. i'm much worse than a little pain with pleasure "type" ... i'm somewhat into bdsm, but i'm terrible with the discipline part. i think they refer to me as a "brat" ... which makes me feel like i'm a sausage or something. ;) i messaged you, hope to hear back.

Only if it is the, a little pain with your pleasure type situation. So, you like big men, I AM a big man. What now? ;)

Well, auroramari, only if its the a little pain with your pleasure type situation. I tried to send you a message but apparently Im a loser and dont have enough tokens. I will purchase some soon. I want to check this site out a bit more before I start investing in it. Are you into BDSM?

publius, i'm greedy ... i want both. when younger, i didn't want the soft cuddly ones. but i find many of the rough and tumble cavemen want to cuddle ... and that i liked sleeping up against them on a cold night. maybe i'm a bad-weather cuddler, but now i like having both!

karmageddon, do you enjoy hurting small women? ;)

I am a big fat man-330lbs. And I love small women.

sage, men who are big are often very very shy and very sensitive about their size. they are nice horny guys or jerks who will roll right over you. regardless, i like tubby men. :) i remember seeing a mike myers movie and he was partially nude, and i wondered if he tells his trainer, "i don't want to be too muscly or skinny, i want to look a real guy, pasty skin and all!" i don't even know if he uses a trainer, but the idea made me wish there was a gym for chubbies!

I know how you feel. I have this fantasy all the time. Where the heck are these guys?? Will I have to comb the web? Thanks for the story.

kakdrukker, as long as you have no regrets and stay healthy, overweight is only a state of mind. besides, men are cuter and more fun when they're not worried about their sixpack! ;)

I am overwieght but I reckon it's built for fun. I love big woman as well.

i'm inbetween right now, if you want the truth. why? because -- believe it or not! -- I'm shy about my OBGYN knowing that i shave ... so in my semi-annual appointment, I let my nethers go bushy.

auroramari are you a furry princess ?

lovethebush, are you a fun bear at heart? ;) i do like furry men, too.

Sorry auroramari i am not a big fat man! But i do like a thick bush!!