Surprise! I Smoke!

After more than 30 years smoking, I guess I should be used to people being surprised when they learn that I am a smoker; but I'm not. I started smoking in the early 1980's when it was still at least accepted by most people. Times were changing, though. The big tobacco lawsuits were looming on the horizon, and by the time I started college in my early 20's smoking was becoming more frowned upon than not. Still, though, people didn't recoil in surprised horror and dismay upon learning that you were a smoker.

How things have changed.

Today, when someone learns that I am a smoker they act surprised and look at me with pity. I don't want or need pity. Wait until i'm strapped to an oxygen generator to give it to me. I'll want it then; but probably not from you. I can accept non-smokers acting surprised. That's the world in which we live.

what bothers me the most is how fellow smokers react. To listen to many of them you would believe that they are ashamed of their vice, that they regret having ever started, that they are desperate to quit, but are powerless to do so. Bullshit! I have never met a smoker who, when being honest among other smokers, felt that way.

Yes, I am a smoker. I started when I was young and my lungs are undoubtedly the worse for it. By my late teens I was consuming roughly 2ppd. If I tried to quit, I would find it very difficult because I don't want to quit. If I wanted to, I would. I know it's bad for me. All that anyone needs to do is look at the discolored end of a cigarette filter to make the connection between repeatedly pumping massive amounts of crap in your lungs and all sorts of assorted health problems. Better yet, take two people of the same age, build, and average physical activity level and have them do the same aerobic activity for the same amount of time - climb a big hill, run two blocks for a bus, whatever - and compare them at the end. The answer is obvious. Guess what? the smoker is well aware of it and could really care less.

So, in this age of hyper sensitivity, understanding, and acceptance; please accept the fact that I am a smoker. If you do that, I'll accept that you have a right to breath clean air and move downwind. Until then, though, I really don't see why I should.
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2 Responses May 5, 2012

The indians lived a long time and they all smoked. You need pure tobacco rolled yourself. That way you will get a pure smoke without all the chemicals put into the tobacco to keep you hooked or from letter the cigarette go out.

Just like in the movie Bananas smoking will be good for you.

Well said.