Smoke The Days Last Cigarette!

Was diagnosed w/ emphysema in "88" & just keep doing it! I figure @ least I'll die of something I controlled, right?
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How old were you when diagnosed? 18 or so?
As a fellow Enphysemic I would urge you and other smokers who seem to think it's a marvellous thing to be at the beck and call of tobacco, to GIVE IT UP, before it gives you up, to a most debilitating illness. You not only suffer with Emphysema you have to learn to live with it or you'll be the loser and sooner rather than later.

At least you'll die doing something you love! :)

I know two people who are about 45 and have emphysema. I am guessing they smoke more than I do daily. I have managed to smoke no more than 15 a day for the last 30 years or so. With that said, I hope I don't get it. If I do, I will be like everyone else and keep smoking. Before that at age 11, when I started smoking on my own(without my parents support), I was smoking four a day, and at 14, I was up to 7-8 a day until 18. Yes, it sucked going through school for six hours without a cigarette. I don't remember anything about Elementary school but I am sure I suffered then too. And yes, I worry all the time about lung cancer, but screw it, I need cigarettes. It's all my body knows and I will not deprive myself! With the price of them today, I am glad I don't smoke two packs a day. Cigarettes here were about $.50 a pack in 1973. The great thing about those days, was I was able to buy cigarettes for my parents when I was nine.

Nicotine is the hardest drug 2 quit, u all know about the smoke fest that happens every yr 4 pot smokers? We should deff have 1 4 stoges & on that day b able 2 smoke anywhere!

Thank u! & I will cuz I sure as hell don't plan 2 quit anytime soon!

Yup. Don't slow down and enjoy ur smokes.

You seem kinda young to have emphysema. How long have you been smoking? I am right around your age and have smoked since 13. I guess just keep smoking.