Phenomenal Phlegm

I have had chronic sinusitis since my early teens. It usually isn't a big deal. Over the counter drugs keep it in check, and I got used to hacking up the drainage in the morning a long time ago. Every now and then, however, it rears its ugly head and I have to go to the doctor. Last Saturday I woke up feeling like my head was full of concrete. Monday afternoon I found myself describing my symptoms to a physician's assistant who gave me the startling news that having smoked for the last 31 years contributed to my condition (Duh! Hell, I thought that deliberately inhaling toxic gas was good for me! Who knew?). She prescribed a decongestant and an expectorant. I expected the decongestant, but not the expectorant. She explained that it would thin and loosen the crap in my sinuses so that the decongestant would be more effective.

When I got home and showed my new meds to my wife, who is a nurse and also a smoker, she laughed and told me "Have fun hacking your lungs up. that **** will let you know how much crap you're hauling around down there."

Well, she was right. Not only did my sinuses open up, my lungs disgorged more mucus than I would have thought them capable of holding. Now, I'm used to a morning hack fest, I'll get worried when I stop coughing up crap; but I have never experienced anything like the last week. I know that when a person stops smoking, particularly if he/she has been a heavy smoker like me, they will spend several days coughing up excess mucus as their lungs react to not being bombarded with smoke. If what I experienced is any indication of what that is like, I am even less inclined to even consider quitting.
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good. i hope u never quit. its to good to give up. i wish i could hack up all the crap in my lungs just to see how much is in there. but i think its best for all the tar and stuff to stay in my lungs like they are. i know after 10 years of smoking unfilterd cigs and 3 of thoes years 4 packs or more a day i know there is a lot in there. the tar in cigarettes is ment to go into your lungs and stay there. and thats how it sould stay untill it runs out with every caugh and gasp i take. which is a lot but who cares?