I Had My First Cigarette Today.

I'm 22. I guess you can say, "Welcome to the club!" But, in all actuality, it relieved a lot of stress. I don't plan on suddenly picking up smoking since this was a one-day ordeal, but my father is a smoker, and my mom is a smoker, and they always said that I'm predisposed to it. Well, after 22 years of not smoking, I may have found how to finally kill myself. 

ShadowSatey ShadowSatey
22-25, M
7 Responses Apr 18, 2010

You can't deny how good it feels keep going lite it ..... Now doesn't that feel great ?

Honestly, you won't kill yourself. You don't have to push it either. Just do it if you feel like it. Over time, I think you'll come to appreciate it.

I started smoking about one week ago. I was going to have only one or two smokes per week. Now one week later I have smoked 6 cigarettes. II even one of the days smoked two straight. Tonite I have a slight headache so I might be starting to get affected by the nicotine. I will have one tomorrow then stop for about 3 days and see how I go. I don't want to become addicted. I do love smoking I have found though. i also had both parents smoke. So maybe it is hereditary. When you finally take it up you love it and become addicted.

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I just recently smoked for the first time as well at the age of 19 as a way to relieve stress. Now it seems like since I did it once, every time I get stressed it's like yayyy cig again. Try to control how much you smoke.

well thats a lie wat lucky said but smoking is the sure way to a long suicide

Try clove cigarettes, way better, way smooth and way less chance of killing yourself.