Female Circumcision

I am a forty eight year old australian woman and I wish to be circumcised. Can anybody tell me where to go to have this procedure done under local anaesthetic. I do not want to do this myself but cannot find it readily available as in Australia i is deemed illegal?
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Doing it yourself, given your anatomy, would be kind of difficult anyway. I would suggest a trip to a country where female circumcision is common: the closest to you would be Indonesia. You could easily find a Muslim surgeon ready to remove your hood or your glans or even the clitoral shaft, if this is what you desire. Plus you would have the certainty of having someone who has dealt with a number of clitorises besides yours and will do the finest job possible. Clitoral surgery should not be improvised. Absolutely nothing prevents an adult woman from enhancing her slit by removing **** and pee lips if she so desires, but Western surgeons have little experience with it, so you'd be better off travelling to Egypt or Indonesia where not only do surgeons (often female) have a lot of practice, but where they will have a positive view of removing "impure" flesh and making you more "feminine" if that's how you view it.