Female Circumcision

I am a fourty eight year old Australian woman and wish to be circumcised. Is there someone who can do this procedure under local anaesthetic as I dont want to do this myself. It is deemed illegal?
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I am cringeing .... Just thinking about your clitoris and clitoral hood being removed. I was circumcised when I was 8 or 9 . I still recall the pain of the stitches being removed.

I think its a female's right that if she wants to be circumcised then she can ask a surgeon and he or she will do it for her.I know that i wanted to be circumcised and wanted excessive amount of skin removed and when it was done i noticed it wasn't nearly tight enough.Now i want it done again but by a female surgeon.
If you want excessive amount of skin removed then its your choice and their are surgeons here in South Africa who will do what you ask.I know because i have already been to a female surgeon and she will circumcise me tightly but I've yet to set a date.
Also i think an exposed clitoris looks awesome and must feel awesome too just like my exposed glans feel.Yes it does loose some sensitivity but my glans were very sensitive and almost painful to touch.After circumcision my glans has lost some sensitivity but direct stimulation is still barely manageable even after just more than 10 years of a naked glans! I'm so excited to be circumcised!

Why the **** would you want to do that?

I am going to respond without sounding insane I want to say that I wish to have my clitoris removed. Not the labia circumcised. Unfortunately for me it is illegal in Australia. It is a relatively easy procedure that I have found after researching techniques by MD 's from Boston University Papers on the subject. The clitoris is sat in a cradle and removed surgically whilst in the cradle. 2-3 hours recovery period and the patient can return to work two days later. Is there anyone out there that can refer me to a surgeon who will perform this procedure please?

Whatever your motives in seeking this surgery, unfortunately for you glans removal is almost certainly illegal in Australia and even the **** hood removal or entire inner labia removal probably is too.

I think all that is available is mild 'reduction' of tissue.

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Forget the Mother Nature crap. Mother Nature has given us oranges and ******* but also Aids, syphilis, cancer and rot. The female foreskin is as unhealthy as the male foreskin, but since the clitoris doesn't penetrate, it is less important to remove it, so it has never become common in Western surgical practice, although it remains a perfectly legal and regularly praticed surgery. Nothing in common with FGM, the goal of which is to deprive females of intense ******* and make them quieter. Since most females are not taught to wash under the hood of the clitoris, the skin adheres to the glans, which is both irritating and gradually leads to a difficulty uncapping. We have all seen little girls scratching their slit through their panties, ****** under the hood is often a cause...Women whose glans is naturally uncapped, particularly before sex, have much more intense *******, and they certainly are more pleasant to lick, plus the uncapped glans is usually rounder and larger. Just ask around. A gynecologist can easily remove the little flaps of foreskin from your clitoris but unfortunately, like all surgeries, a surgeon is only as good as he can practice. So you're really looking for a combination of gynecologist and plastic surgeon who has practiced the operation a number of times and knows exactly what he does, particularly since, like all penises, all clitorises are different despite a basic similarity. A plastic surgeon will also be able to pratice labia reduction if you felt you needed that. Don't hesitate to do it if you can. Just expect to have ******* just walking for the first few weeks...as any woman having had the surgery will attest to. After that, you'll get used the feeling of your naked tip between your lips, just like men do. And it will feel a lot more sensuous than having it trapped under a stinking flap of skin.

Reduction of the female foreskin is legal but apparently in some countries removal is not. Many women have excessive **** hood skin in thickness, layers of rolled skin and skin which is long and overhangs the glans. Access to the glans for stimulation particularly oral stimulation can be difficult and I really think that in many cases than are commonly acknowledged, women would like to have the choice to have hood removal if it were available and unemotional and open debate was more common.

****** is indeed a problem under the hood and direct stimulation of the glans is certainly very intense. I agree that a sensitive glans will become less sensitive as it remains exposed. I agree that flaps of skin (particularly loose skin) on the genitals are undesirable. All that several of us women ask for is an equal right to excess skin removal akin to males but leaving the glans intact.

The raging intactivist known as consa, who's on a constant foreskin crusade, seems to know everything about doctors who perform hood removal. I don't. My experience is that most doctors are taught virtually nothing about the clitoris, and most women are never taught anything about its hygiene. There has been a period when some US surgeons specialized in labioplasty and in hood reduction, but you can't trust them unless they practice the operation regularly. Some sex manuals until the 1970s mentioned hood removal as a regular operation. My feeling is that most Western surgeons would be afraid of being labelled female circumcisers, ie mutilators, if they touched that part of the female. Which is most unfortunate. Uncapped females have way stronger *******...and they smell a lot nicer, just like circumcised males.