Fgm Need To Stop!

Hey. I am an 18 years old girl and I am circumcised. It happened when I was 6 years old and I still remember it like it was yesterday. My own mother circumcised me. she was holding me down when i was screaming for her help. They removed a part of me and told me this was necessary for me to become a woman. They told that every girl goes true this and if she doesn't she isn't clean. 11 year has past and I don't feel normal. I haven't told this to anybody, even my closest friends. Because I am afraid that people will judge me.That they will call me a freak. Because of this I am afraid of getting in a relationship. Because of this I have menstuation problems. Because of this I have low self esteem and low self confidence. My mothers ignorance ruined my life an there is nothing she can say or do to fix this mistake. I have forgiven her but I haven't forgotten. There are days where I remember and it hurts to know that I will never be a normal girl. Going true teenage years is difficult but it's harder when you are FGM.
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Having read the comments I have to say that this is nuts. One woman says she is normal refuting her feelings. One guy proposes a relationship based on her claim of being circumcised (WTF?) and one guy says she really isn't circumcised based on some evidence none of us can see. This is just Bizarre. Get a life people.

Believe me u r nearly normal ;but the problem was the fear given by the circumcision without anaesthesia.This fear and pain makes u untill now have no self confedence.Am Dr.Linda ;please contact me in private for any question

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Copying interviews on FGM and trying to pass them as a personal experience is...particularly lousy. There's nothing in there that even sounds like it could be anything but a copy from books or documentary film commentary.

How do you know? Are you a woman? Are you circumcised? It may be unreal for you, but for some people this is reality!

If it were reality for you you would probably not be here in the first place. You would certainly not word anything the way it is worded here, which is a carbon copy of a number of texts on FGM that I have read. There's not an ounce of reality in your text, which is in fact a disservice to women who are indeed suffering from the follow-ups of FGM. Don't try to pass for what you're not thinking you can fool people who know better. Man or woman - who cares as long as what you write is a carbon copy of other books?