I was cut as an infant and wouldn't change it for the world. I've read the arguments from intactivists and understand their stance but I disagree that there is any meaningful impact on an adult male's life as a result of RIC.
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Oh pdqsailor1, your position is so secure that you must block my comments? Control freak and likely a religious fanatic too, I would say...

Your parents may have had the legal right to circumcise you and you may have the legal right to circumcise your children but that doesn't change the fact that it's unethical. It was once legal to own slaves in this country as well. Lot's of unethical practices are or were legal at one time. And circumcising your child does not contribute to their welfare in any discernible way. If you insist on doing so to satisfy your own superstitions, then yes, you are a control freak.

Exactly! He seems to relish the idea of mutilating his sons and grandsons and won't have anyone question his judgement...he knows what's best for everyone, of course.

I wish my parents would have never circumcised me. I'm looking into foreskin regeneration. As much as I'm deeply in love with my wonder flesh, I want my foreskin back, or some semblance of it. Uncircumcised penises are the best thing that could happen to a man.

Oye yo nunca he visto un pene circuncidado puedo ver el tuyo ? Lol

Cuando queiras chica...aqui estoy. Lol

I'm cut and love it, step son is uncut and looks like a burrito can't see the definition of his **** head

Not telling him or anyone else what to do with it. All I am saying is depending on the length and the thickness of the uncut skin you really have no idea what the **** looks like. The reason I said this is I had an Ex G/F the first thing she did was sucked my ****. She told me after we ****** the reason I always suck on the **** first is because I wanna see if its cut or uncut. She said if it was uncut she would have told me sorry. I like to look at my man naked and look at his beautiful **** and I can't do that on an uncut guy.... Damn she was good

How would you know since you've always been circumcised? Also, since there is no compelling medical reason to circumcise an infant, this is a decision that should be left to the individual when they are an adult. It is not a decision that should be made by the infant's parents.

I have no psychological or physical issues related to the procedure. I get pleasure from sex and I harbor no resentment towards my parents.

Well then you are lucky, but it's still a decision that should be left to the person most directly affected by the procedure, especially since it's medically unnecessary.

The finite answer on this issue is from a friend and his Wife. He was circumcised at age 36 well after marriage and he and his Wife both report that the result was a significant improvement.