I was born on the earth and should be free to roam upon it at the behest of my fellow kinsmen from all nations, we should be one nation, there should be no political borders, only natural borders such as mountains and rivers, across which we will build passes and bridges.

We are all citizens of planet earth, all sons and daughters of mother nature, all brothers and sisters of the same family, it's time we started acting like a family, caring for dear, old, and beautiful mother earth, and treating each other like brothers and sisters because that's what we really are.
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I love your story and feel exactly the say as you :)

true true true, buddhism talks about this, it says that all these things we hold onto, land, money, opinions, are part of a false world of illusions and holding on to them only creates suffering, this world is called samsara, and the way to get out of it is as you say, is to let go of everything, and when you let go you become free, and if you can totally free yourself from this world you will be unchained by it and able to enter nirvana. Otherwise you are stuck in the circle of birth and rebirth in this physical universe. But this world has a purpose, it is here to test us, to test our souls, until we find that ability to let go and free ourselves.

I feel ya, I would be so happy if I could just have this. What if everyone gave up their ownership...? In land... What if we cared about others as we do for ourselves? It seems everything is tangles together... and the only way to cut it is to let go of everything. Money, land, judgement of ourselves and others, a beleif in control, and many more.... What if......