We Are All In This Together

I was born is a small town in a remote part of New Zealand. I have Maori, Celtic, and Anglo-Saxon ancestry. I have an NZ and Swedish passport and am based in Sweden just now. I am as important as anyone on this planet but no more so. I feel so incredibly lucky I am experiencing this existence with all its intense highs and lows. Incredible opportunities and horrendous injustices. I am just like you and you are just like me but we are both unique. I have no tribe apart from being a homo sapien - there is no "them" only "us".

Globalkiwi Globalkiwi
36-40, M
1 Response May 23, 2008

That is just my point - it sure is no Utopia we live in but who said it would be? Humans are capable of great Deeds and horrendous cruelty - sometimes within the same person. Our biggest problem is really there is just too many of us on this little old planet and we are consuming theh planet to death. One positive is the price of oil though - it is doing more than decades of fruitless Kyoto protocols will ever achieve. Another is that more and more people are making greener choices although it seems to go so very slowly. Look at your country who have voted out Howard over the green issue. That's a start. Don't worry too much about the planet either - it has survived a lot of stuff and it will outlive us humans.