Been travelling so long and seen so many cultures that i can't consider myself as french anymore. I am a citizen of the World and I love my country!
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2 Responses May 22, 2014

i feel exactly the same...i actually have come to point were i don't feel locked down to any country, i too love my country (Nicaragua) and my adapted country (united states) i have 3 citizenship and I've been year ill probably end up moving for a couple of years to the middle east mostly because I've never been there and my middle eastern and Arabic friends tell me they have great places to visit.

It is so good to meet you! Many people in the US are so insular when they refer to the "world" they just mean the US. What countries have you visited?

Thank you for sharing. I've only been to England, Scotland, Germany and France, plus much of the US including Hawaii, and briefly Toronto. You are very fortunate to have traveled so extensively. If I may, I'd like to contact you with some questions at a later date.