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We moved from Melbourne (in Aus) to Canberra at the end of 2003, and i must admit it was HORRIBLE at first. canberra was so different - everyone relies on the bus service, the shops close earlier, everything is more expensive and you can see COWS/HORSES on the way to school/the city. the city of Canberra isn't even that big. there's only so many places to go before you think to yourself "oh. that's it. time to go home then." no offence to anyone who loves Canberra of course!

going to Sydney or Melb is the best fun. i love the shopping, and even if i don't end up buying anything, the simple act of walking around surrounded by so many ppl (esp. asians, as canberra isnt as diverse) makes me happy and content. my mum gets high on hearing viet ppl speak! :P i love the excitement, the feeling of knowing that there's so many places to go, and knowing you probs won't get to them all. its addictive, i tell you!

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wow thats an old post, oh well.....

yeah i just had a drive all around canberra today, nothing to do, its lifeless and lacks diversity to the point of pure conformity, i was bored, very bored, the people here are okay but this isnt an exciting place at all, i am really trying to move out to branch out more and have a better life because right now i feel exactly like sondosia, i;m at my computer and i ponder about how my life sucks too... :P, but i dunno if they are sarcastic but i;m speaking the thruth, sydney and melbourne are cool places and i plan to go there just to have some good times, cos good times are just so good.

Yeah, that's exactly how I feel, too. Since I live in the suburbs (and the city they're next to sucks anyway), I have nowhere to go, and I just kind of sit around at the computer and ponder about how my life sucks... :P