I Love the City...

I've lived in some cities, just visited others, and I've enjoyed every one. I love people-watching, wondering about strangers' lives, and yet there are still opportunities to interact with people on a more human level if you want to. Once I was in Penn Station in Manhattan and went to the ladies' room. There was a homeless woman there. She was directing women to empty stalls and most of the women were "tipping" her. I did, and I also spoke to her for a moment and patted her on the shoulder. She responded so openly and warmly toward me, and I was surprised by that and wondered why. Finally I thought to myself, I wonder when was the last time she was touched and responded to in a personal rather than dismissive way. I learned a profound lesson that day about how something that may seem like a very small gesture to us can make a world of difference to someone else. Even in a crowded, rushing, seemingly impersonal city.

bluegreensea bluegreensea
51-55, F
Mar 23, 2009