Everything In It's Place

When I have had a very long day at work and I am too tired to even eat I don't want to have to do house cleaning. However, I can't stand to be in a dirty house. I have to always have the dishes at least cleaned off and in the dish washer. I have to have the tables, kitchen and coffee, cleaned off and squared away. I won't tolerate shoes/socks on the floor in the living room. I can't stand it when the bathroom smells.
I drove my roommate nuts when he first moved in. He is a very disorganized person that has never cleaned up after himself. It took me almost a year to get him trained to not get the house messy. He can let his room get as messy as he wants so long as it doesn't attract bus or rodents. However, the general areas of the house I make him clean up after himself.
It bugs the crap out of me when he moves something and doesn't put it back. I like knowing where things are. I hate having to track something down. Every thing has a place. The more it gets used, by either of us, the more accessible it is.
All I ask of my roommate is that when he uses something he puts it back where he got it from. When he dirties a dish he rinses it out and puts it in the dish washer. That he doesn't leave his personal things in the common areas. I don't ask him to do anything that I don't do myself.
lyricaldemise lyricaldemise
41-45, T
Nov 28, 2012