I Want To Tell Mom

My boyfriend and even a few people know about my sexual prefrence. But I'm afraid to tell my family. I want to let everyone in the world know, but yet again this fear is holding me down. My mother is a christian and she wouldnt really aprove, but I know she would still love me. I dont know how to tell her, but I want to. I just want to scream " I like MEN and WOMEN" whats wrong with that?

imjustlikeyou imjustlikeyou
22-25, F
4 Responses Mar 6, 2010

I soooo know that feeling of wanting to scream it at the top of your lungs sweetie :( It's sucks having to keep such a big part of yourself from people you care about. I wish you luck when you find the right time to tell your family.

Why tell her? It is your business. I wouldn't cause any distress to my mom if I didn't have to.

I agree with Leporid, I wouldnt tell them. Especially with your mother being a Christian you already knwo her reaction. I Made the mistake of allowing my mother to know. And i get a religious lecture all the time now. Not even mean.. it's not something she is comfortable with. She is also pushing (heterosexual) marriage on me more. She still loves me, we still have a good relationship, But its a little strained now. Share it with your trust worthy friends, and those you know will accept you. Ask them how they feel about LGBT people in general. And that will let you know whether or not you shoudl share with them this part of your life. <br />
Best of Luck to you.

Nothing is wrong with that, but some things our parents don't need to know. Trust me. They will love you but it will make them see you differently. Stay their little girl.