Hi again.

Just got back from a long day at work. Got changed into black stockings, a silky thong and matching bra. Put on a sequinned black miniskirt and some black heels. Also got a light blouse on.

Wearing some shiny lipstick and mascara as well.

I wish I was brave enough to wear this all night. Or even just to walk down the road.

I will just enjoy it for a short while before I take it all off and hide it away so I don't get caught!

Nikki x
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I have no qualms about wearing women's clothes in public at all I find most people don't even what you are wearing so long as you don't go about being an idiot I think most people just tend to mind their own P's and Q's. i have had very few people say anything to me about what I am wearing I may have had a couple of negative comments but those type of I just ignore and pay them no mind at all. The only you will get over your fear of being caught is to face it head on don't stay in your comfort zone or you will never get anywhere if you want to cross dress in public. there is always a first time if you put some work into your look maybe you might get a compliment from somebody. all it takes is for someone to compliment and you will be surprised at what that will do to your self confidence.

Love dressing too. Mmmmmm

There is a certain thrill in the fear of getting caught ;-)

Feels great doesn't it,plays havoc with your feelings

It sure does. I love it x

Been there done that will do it again. Sounds sexy to me.

Thanks x

You are welcome