Getting Lonely

For me this has two meanings. The first is the obvious sad one. I'm currently single and am feeling lonely. But I live in a town where I do not see even 90% or more of the available women as date worthy. I just don't find most of the women here attractive (either physically or emotionally or in any other aspect. Half the town probably lives on welfare, and what girls I have dated here, are just emotional screw ups). It's a crappy place to have a good dating life. So, regrettably I must choose to be single because the alternative is less appealing because of the choices. Also finding someone, friend or girlfriend or even family to be accepting of my crossdressing, has extremely remote chances. Even if I did, it's a small town and word gets around, so those i don't want to find out would eventually find out.

Which leads me to my second meaning of getting lonely. A somewhat more humorous one. I have a large box with all my "special clothing" that is just sitting around unopened since I moved back with my parents, and I can feel it calling my name everytime I walk by and it's saying "we miss you! come back into us" lol.

This sucks. I need to get my own place, that way I will have some modicum of privacy in which to dress up and prance around.
oriontilde oriontilde
22-25, M
Dec 7, 2012