Keeping a Secret

I am a straight single man trying to find a long lasting relationship with a woman.I have crossdressing fantasies every day. I rarely dress in womens clothing though I have a small collection of dresses, shoes wigs and cotume jewelry.I have kept my fantasies and wardrobe to myself telling only my therapist and ex-girlfriends.I do not share my fantasies with anyone on a regular basis.I would be interested in communicating with other crossdressers or people in a similar condition as me.It seems to me that being able to share these thoughts and feelings with people who also have them would be much more fun and much healthier than always keeping them as a personal secret.I am very new to this website but would be open to communication from anyone who can relate to what I have written.My objective is making friends and personal growth.

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5 Responses Feb 27, 2009

there are a lot of us around in the same position,

I am looking for a crossdresser. Namely one that wants to be a "sissy maid" if they want to do housework dressed as a woman why not do mine for me. I'd be happy for you to do it crossdressed. I dont want anyone i met on the net i am looking for a cd i might know. The problem is you crossdressers are so secretive about your crossdressing its hard to recognise one.

im a single man whos straight, it is so nice having this site to talk about my dressing, its good to know that people out there actually understand. Ive done it so often i can easily walk in high heels, although i havent tried 6inch heels yet. lol. my next purchase i hope will be a figure skaters dress, i always found them beautiful, i already have a gymnast leotard

I'm also new to this site and find it a great outlet. Until now, I have had to keep my CDing to myself and that means a lot of pent up emotions. This site gives me an opportunity to vent my personal feelings without risk. <br />
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I'm older than most people here and I just love the feeling of wearing a bra and panties all day - under my drab clothes. In the past, I've gone so far as to go to a makeover consultant, get professionally madeup and dressed up and then gone out on the town en femme with the consultant and a few other CDer's. As fun as that was, I don't think I could enjoy that on a regular basis, so I am quite content with quietly underdressing, which I can do every day. I love the 'hugs' I get all day long from my bra!

I wish i could meet you. It would be nice to just hang out. enjoy yourself and be happy. dawn